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Relation of mechanical properties of a new fibreboard with its composition




In the development of bayesite, a new fibreboard, experiments were conducted to obtain some insight into the nature of the relationship of its permeability to the mix of its four ingredients

A: short fibres,
B: medium fibres,
C: long fibres,
D: binder,

and the pressure of which these are bonded. The results of 21 such experiments are reported. It is required to investigate the dependence of permeability of mixture and bonding pressure.

All 4-part compositions sum to one.


Courtesy of J. Aitchison


Aitchison: CODA microcomputer statistical package, 1986, the file name BAYESITE.DAT, here included under the GNU Public Library Licence Version 2 or newer.


Aitchison: The Statistical Analysis of Compositional Data, 1986, Data 21, pp21.

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