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Compositional Data Analysis

AarComposition of glaciar sediments from the Aar massif...
acompAitchison compositions
acomparithPower transform in the simplex
acomp-classClass '"acomp"'
acompmarginMarginal compositions in Aitchison Compositions
Activity10Activity patterns of a statistician for 20 days
Activity31Activity patterns of a statistician for 20 days
alrAdditive log ratio transform
amounts-classClass '"amounts"'
AnimalVegetationAnimal and vegetation measurement
aplusAmounts analysed in log-scale
aplusarithmvectorial arithmetic for data sets with aplus class
aplus-classClass '"aplus"'
aptAdditive planar transform
ArcticLakeArtic lake sediment samples of different water depth
arrows3darrows in 3D, based on package rgl
asdataframeConvert "compositions" classes to data frames or matrices
axis3dDrawing a 3D coordiante system to a plot, based on package...
backtransformAutomatic common backtransformation for compositions
balancebaseCompute balances for a compositional dataset.
barplotBar charts of amounts
BayesitePermeabilities of bayesite
binaryTreating binary and g-adic numbers
biplot3dThree-dimensional biplots, based on package rgl
Blood23Blood samples
BoxiteCompositions and depth of 25 specimens of boxite
boxplotDisplaying compositions and amounts with box-plots
ccompCount compositions
ccomp-classClass '"ccomp"'
ccompgofCompositional Goodness of fit test
cdtCentered default transform
ClamEastColor-size compositions of 20 clam colonies from East Bay
ClamWestColor-size compositions of 20 clam colonies from West Bay
cloClosure of a composition
clrCentered log ratio transform
clr2ilrConvert between clr and ilr, and between cpt and ipt.
clusterfinderHeuristics to find subpopulations of outliers
codadendrogramDendrogram representation of acomp or rcomp objects
coloredbiplotA biplot providing somewhat easier access to details of the...
colorsforoutliersCreate a color/char palette or for groups of outliers
CompLinModCoCompositional Linear Model of Coregionalisation
compmissThe policy of treatment of missing values in the...
compOKrigingCompositional Ordinary Kriging
compositional-classClass '"compositional"'
compositionsCompositional Data Analysis
ConfRadiusHelper to compute confidence ellipsoids
corCorrelations of amounts and compositions
CoxiteCompositions, depths and porosities of 25 specimens of coxite
cptCentered planar transform
DiagnosticProbDiagnostic probabilities
distDistances in variouse approaches
ellipsesDraw ellipses
endmemberCoordinatesRecast amounts as mixtures of end-members
FireworkFirework mixtures
fitdirichletFitting a Dirichlet distribution
fitsamemeanFit Same Mean Different Variance Model
gausstestClassical Gauss Test
geometricmeanThe geometric mean
getdetectionlimitGets the detection limit stored in the data set
GlacialCompositions and total pebble counts of 92 glacial tills
goftestsCompositional Goodness of fit test
grouppartsGroup amounts of parts
gsiaddInternal functions: Parallel operations of single and...
gsiaddclassInternal function: give a derived subclass to an object
gsicallInternal functions of the compositions package
gsiclosespreadInternal functions of the compositions package
gsicoorinfoInternal functions of the compositions package
gsicsumInternal function: row and column sums of matrices
gsidiagExtractInternal functions: Get the diagonal of a matrix
gsidiagGenerateInternal functions: Generate a diagonal matrix
gsidropInternal functions: A conditional drop
gsieqInternal function: Checking equality of IEEE special numbers
gsiexpandrcompInternal function: Scaling rcomp
gsifiltercallCalling from a function with the own parameters
gsigetbalstructAn auxiliary functions to compute user-defined ilr and ipt...
gsigetDInteral function: Get number of samples and number of parts...
gsiinternalEnvironment containing the old gsi functions
gsiinvpermInternal function: Invert a permutation
gsiisSingleRowInternal function: Can something be considered as a single...
gsimap01Internal functions: Storing integers as reals
gsimarginInternal function: Compute a desired compositional margin
gsimerge2signaryAuxiliary functions to compute user-defined ilr and ipt...
gsipairrelativeMatrixInternal functions of the compositions package
gsipairsInternal functions of the compositions package
gsiplainInternal function: Convert to plain vector or matrix
gsiplotmarginInternal functions of the compositions package
gsiPrinBalThe canonical basis in the clr plane used for ilr and ipt...
gsirecodeInternal function: Recode missings with IEEE number and vice...
gsireset3dInternal functions of the compositions package
gsisimshapeInternal function: Reshape an object to the shape type of...
gsispreadToIsoSpaceInternal functions of the compositions package
gsisvdsolveInternal function: Solves singular and non square equation...
gsitextpanelInternal function: A panel displaying a label only
gsivarwithlostsInternal function: computes variance of compositional data...
HongiteCompositions of 25 specimens of hongite
HotellingsTsqHotellings T square distribution
HouseholdExpHousehold Expenditures
HydrochemHydrochemical composition data set of Llobregat river basin...
idtIsometric default transform
iitIsometric identity transform
ilrIsometric log ratio transform
ilrBaseThe canonical basis in the clr plane used for ilr and ipt...
iltIsometric log transform
iptIsometric planar transform
isAcompCheck for compositional data type
ismahalanobisoutlierChecking for outliers
isoportionIsoportion- and Isoproportion-lines
juraThe jura dataset
kdeDirichletDensity estimation on the simplex with Dirichlet kernel
kingtetrahedronPloting composition into rotable tetrahedron
KongiteCompositions of 25 specimens of kongite
linesDraws connected lines from point to point.
logratioVariogramEmpirical variograms for compositions
mahalanobisdistCompute Mahalanobis distances based von robust Estimations
matmultinner product for matrices and vectors
matmultacompinner product for datasets with a vector space structure
meanAcompMean amounts and mean compositions
meanrowThe arithmetic mean of rows or columns
MetabolitesSteroid metabolite patterns in adults and children
missingProjectorReturns a projector the the observed space in case of...
missingsummaryClassify and summarize missing values in a dataset
mix2compositionsTransformations from 'mixtures' to 'compositions' classes
mixReadReads a data file in a mixR format
mvarMetric summary statistics of real, amount or compositional...
namesThe names of the parts
normVector space norm
normalizeNormalize vectors to norm 1
oneOrDatasetTreating single compositions as one-row datasets
outlierclassifierDetect and classify compositional outliers.
outlierplotPlot various graphics to analyse outliers.
outliersAnalysing outliers in compositions.
pairwisePlotCreates a paneled plot like pairs for two different datasets.
panelAcompPairs plot method for compositions
parametricMatUnique parametrisations for matrices.
perturbePerturbation of compositions
plotTernary diagrams
plot3dplot in 3D based on rgl
plot3dacomp3D-plot of compositional data
plot3daplus3D-plot of positive data
plot3drmultplot in 3D based on rgl
plot3drplusplot in 3D based on rgl
plotlogratioVariogramEmpirical variograms for compositions
plotmissingsummaryPlot a Missing Summary
plotposDisplaying amounts in scatterplots
PogoJumpHonk Kong Pogo-Jumps Championship
powerofmatrixpower transform of a matrix
princompacompPrincipal component analysis for Aitchison compositions
princompaplusPrincipal component analysis for amounts in log geometry
princomprcompPrincipal component analysis for real compositions
princomprmultPrincipal component analysis for real data
princomprplusPrincipal component analysis for real amounts
printPrinting compositional data.
pwlrPairwise log ratio transform
pwlrPlotPlots of pairwise logratio against a covariable.
qqnormNormal quantile plots for compositions and amounts
R2R square
raitchisonAitchison Distribution
ratioLoadingsLoadings of relations of two amounts
rcompCompositions as elements of the simplex embedded in the...
rcomparithmArithmetic operations for compositions in a real geometry
rcomp-classClass '"rcomp"'
rcompmarginMarginal compositions in real geometry
rDirichletDirichlet distribution
readgeoeasReads a data file in a geoeas format
replotModify parameters of compositional plots.
rlnormThe multivariate lognormal distribution
rmahalanobisCompute distributions of empirical Mahalanobis distances...
rmultSimple treatment of real vectors
rmultarithmvectorial arithmetic for datasets in a classical vector scale
rmult-classClass '"rmult"'
rmultmatmultinner product for datasets with vector scale
rnormNormal distributions on special spaces
robustnessHandling robustness issues and outliers in compositions.
rplusAmounts i.e. positive numbers analysed as objects of the real...
rplusarithmvectorial arithmetic for data sets with rplus class
rplus-classClass '"rplus"'
rpoisSimulate count compositions without overdispersion
runifThe uniform distribution on the simplex
scalarParallel scalar products
scaleNormalizing datasets by centering and scaling
SedimentsProportions of sand, silt and clay in sediments specimens
segmentsDraws straight lines from point to point.
SerumProteinSerum Protein compositions of blood samples
ShiftOperatorsShifts of machine operators
simplemissingplotTernary diagrams
SimulatedAmountsSimulated amount datasets
simulatemissingArtifical simulation of various kinds of missings/polluted...
SkullsMeasurement of skulls
SkyeAFMAFM compositions of 23 aphyric Skye lavas
splitSplitting datasets in groups given by factors
straightDraws straight lines.
subsettingSubsetting of compositions
summaryAcompSummarizing a compositional dataset in terms of ratios
summaryAplusSummaries of amounts
summaryRcompSummary of compositions in real geometry
sumprojectorCompute the global projector to the observed subspace.
SupervisorProportions of supervisor's statements assigned to different...
ternaryAxisAxis for ternary diagrams
testsCompositional Goodness of fit test
totalsTotal sum of amounts
tryDebuggerEmpirical variograms for compositions
ultUncentered log transform
varAcompVariances and covariances of amounts and compositions
variationVariation matrices of amounts and compositions
variogramsVariogram functions
varmlmResidual variance of a model
vcovAcompVariance covariance matrix of parameters in compositional...
vgmFitCompositional variogram model fitting
WhiteCellsWhite-cell composition of 30 blood samples by two different...
wrapped_functionsStandard R functions wrapped for compatibility
YatquatYatquat fruit evaluation
zeroreplaceZero-replacement routine
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