Metabolites: Steroid metabolite patterns in adults and children

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Data shows the urinary excretion (mg/24 hours) of 37 normal adults and 30 normal children of total cortisol meatbolites, total corticosterone meatbolites, total pregnanetriol and Delta-5-pregnentriol.




There are 67 cases for 37 adults and 30 children, and 5 columns: Case no., met1, met2, met3 and Type, 1 for adults, $-1$ for children. No sum constraint is placed on this data set: since the urinary excretion in mg for 24 hours are given.


Courtesy of J. Aitchison


Aitchison: CODA microcomputer statistical package, 1986, the file name METABOL.DAT, here included under the GNU Public Library Licence Version 2 or newer.


Aitchison, J. (1986) The Statistical Analysis of Compositional Data, (Data 9), pp14.

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