Skulls: Measurement of skulls

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Measurement in degrees of the angles N, A, B in skulls of English seventeenth-century people and Naquada people.




As a part of a study of seventeenth-century English skulls three angles of a triangle in the cranium

N: nasial angle,
A: alveolar angle,
B: basilar angle,

were measured for 22 female and 29 male skulls. These, together with similar measurement of 22 female and 29 male skulls of the Naqada race are presented. The general objective is to investigate possible sex and race differences in skull shape. The angles sums in the row are all equal to 180 degrees.


Courtesy of J. Aitchison


Aitchison: CODA microcomputer statistical package, 1986, the file name SKULLS.DAT, here included under the GNU Public Library Licence Version 2 or newer.


Aitchison, J. (1986) The Statistical Analysis of Compositional Data, (Data 24), pp22.

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