ShiftOperators: Shifts of machine operators

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Compsitions of eight-hours shifts of 27 machine operators.




A study of the activities of 27 machine operators during their eight-hours shifts has been conducted, and proportions of time spend in the following categories:

A: high-quality production,
B: low-quality production,
C: machine setting,
D: machine repair,

are recorded. Of particular interest are any insights which such data might give of relationships between productive and nonproductive parts of such shifts. All compositions sum up one except for rounding error.


Courtesy of J. Aitchison


Aitchison: CODA microcomputer statistical package, 1986, the file name SHIFT.DAT, here included under the GNU Public Library Licence Version 2 or newer.


Aitchison, J. (1986) The Statistical Analysis of Compositional Data, (Data 22), pp22.

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