Man pages for cops
Cluster Optimized Proximity Scaling

BankingCrisesDistancesBanking Crises Distances
cmdscaleWrapper to 'cmdscale' for S3 class
conf_adjustconf_adjust: a function to procrustes adjust two matrices
cop_apstressPCOPS versions of approximated power stress models. This uses...
cop_cmdscalePCOPS version of strain
cop_elasticPCOPS versions of elastic scaling models (via smacofSym)
cop_powerelasticPCOPS version of elastic scaling with powers
cop_powermdsPCOPS version of powermds
cop_powersammonPCOPS version of sammon with powers
cop_powerstressCOPS version of powerstress
cop_rpowerstressCOPS version of restricted powerstress
cop_rstressPCOPS version of rstress
copscops: cluster optimized proximity scaling
cop_sammonPCOPS version of sammon mapping
cop_sammon2COPS versions of Sammon mapping models (via smacofSym)
cop_smacofSpherePCOPS versions of smacofSphere models
cop_smacofSymPCOPS versions of smacofSym models
cop_sstressPCOPS version of sstress
copstressCalculates copstress for given MDS object
copstressMinFitting a COPS-C Model (COPS Variant 1).
doubleCenterDouble centering of a matrix
enormExplicit Normalization Normalizes distances
ljoptim(Adaptive) Version of Luus-Jakola Optimization
mkPowerTake matrix to a power
pcopsProfile COPS Function (aka COPS Variant 2)
pdistSquared p-distances
plot3dstaticplot3dstatic: static 3D plots
plot3dstatic.cmdscale3D plots: plot3dstatic method for class cmdscale
plot.copsS3 plot method for cops objects
plot.pcopsS3 plot method for p-cops objects
plot.smacofPS3 plot method for smacofP objects
powerStressFastPower stress minimization by NEWUOA
powerStressMinPower Stress SMACOF
procrusterprocruster: a procrustes function
sammonWrapper to 'sammon' for S3 class
scale_adjustAdjusts a configuration
secularEqSecular Equation
sqdistSquared distances
torgersonTorgerson scaling
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