Man pages for covr
Test Coverage for Packages

clear_countersclear all previous counters
codecovRun covr on a package and upload the result to
code_coverageCalculate coverage of code directly
countincrement a given counter
coverallsRun covr on a package and upload the result to coveralls
covr-deprecatedDeprecated Functions These functions are Deprecated in this...
file_coverageCalculate test coverage for sets of files
function_coverageCalculate test coverage for a specific function.
keyGenerate a key for a call
new_counterinitialize a new counter
package_coverageCalculate test coverage for a package
percent_coverageProvide percent coverage of package
print.coveragePrint a coverage object
reportDisplay covr results using a standalone report
system_checkRun a system command and check if it succeeds.
system_outputRun a system command and capture the output.
tally_coverageTally coverage by line or expression
to_coberturaCreate a Cobertura XML file
trace_callstrace each call with a srcref attribute
valueRetrieve the value from an object
zero_coverageProvide locations of zero coverage
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