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covr supports a couple of different ways of excluding some or all of a file.

Line Exclusions

The line_exclusions argument to package_coverage() can be used to exclude some or all of a file. This argument takes a list of filenames or named ranges to exclude.

Function Exclusions

Alternatively function_exclusions can be used to exclude R functions based on regular expression(s). For example ⁠print\\\.*⁠ can be used to exclude all the print methods defined in a package from coverage.

Exclusion Comments

In addition you can exclude lines from the coverage by putting special comments in your source code. This can be done per line or by specifying a range. The patterns used can be specified by the exclude_pattern, exclude_start, exclude_end arguments to package_coverage() or by setting the global options covr.exclude_pattern, covr.exclude_start, covr.exclude_end.


## Not run: 
# exclude whole file of R/test.R
package_coverage(exclusions = "R/test.R")

# exclude lines 1 to 10 and 15 from R/test.R
package_coverage(line_exclusions = list("R/test.R" = c(1:10, 15)))

# exclude lines 1 to 10 from R/test.R, all of R/test2.R
package_coverage(line_exclusions = list("R/test.R" = 1:10, "R/test2.R"))

# exclude all print and format methods from the package.
package_coverage(function_exclusions = c("print\\.", "format\\."))

# single line exclusions
f1 <- function(x) {
  x + 1 # nocov

# ranged exclusions
f2 <- function(x) { # nocov start
  x + 2
} # nocov end

## End(Not run)

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