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covr: Test coverage for packages


covr tracks and reports code coverage for your package and (optionally) upload the results to a coverage service like 'Codecov' or 'Coveralls' Code coverage is a measure of the amount of code being exercised by a set of tests. It is an indirect measure of test quality and completeness. This package is compatible with any testing methodology or framework and tracks coverage of both R code and compiled C/C++/FORTRAN code.


A coverage report can be used to inspect coverage for each line in your package. Using report() requires the additional dependencies DT and htmltools.

# If run with no arguments `report()` implicitly calls `package_coverage()`

Package options

covr uses the following options() to configure behaviour:

  • covr.covrignore: A filename to use as an ignore file, listing glob-style wildcarded paths of files to ignore for coverage calculations. Defaults to the value of environment variable COVR_COVRIGNORE, or ".covrignore" if the neither the option nor the environment variable are set.

  • covr.exclude_end: Used along with covr.exclude_start, an optional regular expression which ends a line-exclusion region. For more details, see ?exclusions.

  • covr.exclude_pattern: An optional line-exclusion pattern. Lines which match the pattern will be excluded from coverage. For more details, see ?exclusions.

  • covr.exclude_start: Used along with covr.exclude_end, an optional regular expression which starts a line-exclusion region. For more details, see ?exclusions.

  • covr.filter_non_package: If TRUE (the default behavior), coverage of files outside the target package are filtered from coverage output.

  • covr.fix_parallel_mcexit:

  • covr.flags:

  • covr.gcov: If the appropriate gcov version is not on your path you can use this option to set the appropriate location. If set to "" it will turn off coverage of compiled code.

  • covr.gcov_additional_paths:

  • covr.gcov_args:

  • covr.icov:

  • covr.icov_args:

  • covr.icov_flags:

  • covr.icov_prof:

  • covr.rstudio_source_markers: A logical value. If TRUE (the default behavior), source markers are displayed within the RStudio IDE when using zero_coverage.

  • covr.record_tests: If TRUE (default NULL), record a listing of top level test expressions and associate tests with covr traces evaluated during the test's execution. For more details, see ?covr.record_tests.

  • covr.showCfunctions:


Maintainer: Jim Hester

Other contributors:

  • Willem Ligtenberg [contributor]

  • Kirill Müller [contributor]

  • Henrik Bengtsson [contributor]

  • Steve Peak [contributor]

  • Kirill Sevastyanenko [contributor]

  • Jon Clayden [contributor]

  • Robert Flight [contributor]

  • Eric Brown [contributor]

  • Brodie Gaslam [contributor]

  • Will Beasley [contributor]

  • Robert Krzyzanowski [contributor]

  • Markus Wamser [contributor]

  • Karl Forner [contributor]

  • Gergely Daróczi [contributor]

  • Jouni Helske [contributor]

  • Kun Ren [contributor]

  • Jeroen Ooms [contributor]

  • Ken Williams [contributor]

  • Chris Campbell [contributor]

  • David Hugh-Jones [contributor]

  • Qin Wang [contributor]

  • Doug Kelkhoff [contributor]

  • Ivan Sagalaev (highlight.js library) [contributor, copyright holder]

  • Mark Otto (Bootstrap library) [contributor]

  • Jacob Thornton (Bootstrap library) [contributor]

  • Bootstrap contributors (Bootstrap library) [contributor]

  • Twitter, Inc (Bootstrap library) [copyright holder]

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