update_current_test: Update current test if unit test expression has progressed

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Update current test if unit test expression has progressed


Updating a test logs some metadata regarding the current call stack, noteably trying to capture information about the call stack prior to the covr::count call being traced.




There are a couple patterns of behavior, which try to accommodate a variety of testing suites:

  • testthat: During execution of testthat's ⁠test_*⁠ functions, files are sourced and the working directory is temporarily changed to the package ⁠/tests⁠ directory. Knowing this, calls in the call stack which are relative to this directory are extracted and recorded.

  • RUnit:

  • custom: Any other custom test suites may not have source kept with their execution, in which case the entire test call stack is kept.

checks to see if the current call stack has the same srcref (or expression, if no source is available) at the same frame prior to entering into a package where covr:::count is called.

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