Man pages for crimelinkage
Statistical Methods for Crime Series Linkage

bayesPairsExtracts the crimes with the largest probability of being...
catLevelsMake levels for merging category predictors
clusterPathFollows path of one crime up a dendrogram
colorCreates transparent colors
compareCategoricalMake evidence variables from categorical crime data
compareCrimesCreates evidence variables by calculating 'distance' between...
compareNumericMake evidence variables from numeric crime data
compareSpatialMake spatial evidence variables
compareTemporalMake temporal evidence variable from (possibly uncertain)...
crimeClust_bayesBayesian model-based partially-supervised clustering for...
crimeClust_hierAgglomerative Hierarchical Crime Series Clustering
crimelinkage-package'crimelinkage' package: Statistical Methods for Crime Series...
crimesFicticious dataset of crime events
dtdiffCalculates time between two vectors of datetimes
expAbsDiffExpected absolute difference of two uniform RVs
expAbsDiff.circExpected absolute difference of two circular uniform RVs
getBFEstimates the bayes factor for continous and categorical...
getCrimesGenerate a list of crimes for a specific offender
getCrimeSeriesGenerate a list of offenders and their associated crime...
getCriminalsLookup the offenders responsible for a set of solved crimes
getDExpected absolute distance of a circular uniform RV to a...
getROCCacluate ROC like metrics.
linkageHierarchical Based Linkage
make.breaksMake break points for binning continuous predictors
makeGroupsGenerates crime groups from crime series data
makePairsGenerates indices of linked and unlinked crime pairs (with...
makeSeriesDataMake crime series data
naiveBayesNaive bayes classifier using histograms and shrinkage
offendersFicticious offender data
plotBFplots 1D bayes factor
plotBKGGenerate a background plot
plot_hccPlot a hierarchical crime clustering object
plot.naiveBayesPlots for Naive Bayes Model
predictBFGenerate prediction of a component bayes factor
predict.naiveBayesGenerate prediction (sum of log bayes factors) from a...
seriesIDCrime series identification
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