cso_get_interval: Returns a the time interval used to record data in a CSO...

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cso_get_intervalR Documentation

Returns a the time interval used to record data in a CSO table


Reads the metadata of a table to return an atomic character vector displaying the intervals at which the data included in the table was gathered/calculated.


cso_get_interval(table_code, cache = TRUE, flush_cache = TRUE)



string. A valid code for a table on data.cso.ie .


logical. Whether to use cached data, if available. Default value is TRUE. Strongly recommended to use caching, as otherwise the entire table could be downloaded only to access a small part of its metadata.


logical. If TRUE (default) the cache will be checked for old, unused files. Any files which have not been accessed in the last month will be deleted


character vector. The names of the statistics included in the table, with one element for each statistic.


## Not run: 
interval <- cso_get_interval("C0636")

## End(Not run)

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