csodata: csodata: A package for downloading CSO data.

csodataR Documentation

csodata: A package for downloading CSO data.


The csodata package allows for easily downloading CSO (Central Statistics Office, the National Statistics Institute of Ireland) PxStat data into R.


A specific table can be downloaded using cso_get_data, while a list of all tables currently available and their titles can be found using cso_get_toc and cso_search_toc is used to search their descriptions. Metadata for a specified table can be retrieved with cso_get_meta, or printed on the console using cso_disp_meta.

cso_get_vars, cso_get_interval, and cso_get_content all return a subset of the full metadata of a table. cso_get_var_values returns all the variables in the tables.

These functions provide the option to cache the returned data using the R.cache package. The cache can be deleted using cso_clear_cache.

ESRI shapefiles covering the country in varying degrees of granularity can be downloaded from cso.ie and imported as an sf data frame using the cso_get_geo function. Metadata about the map data can be retrieved with cso_get_geo_meta, and displayed on the console with cso_disp_geo_meta.

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