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Returns a data frame with all valid CSO PxStat tables listed sequentially by id number, e.g. A0101, A0102, A0103, etc.


Checks the CSO PxStat API for a list of all the table codes (e.g. A0101, A0102, A0103, etc.), which also includes date last modified and title for each table, and returns this list as an R data frame.


  cache = TRUE,
  suppress_messages = FALSE,
  get_frequency = FALSE,
  list_vars = FALSE,
  flush_cache = TRUE



logical. If TRUE (default) the table of contents is cached with the system date as a key.


logical. If FALSE (default) a message is printed when loading a previously cached table of contents.


logical. If TRUE the frequency of each table(yearly, monthly etc...) will be returned as an additional column in the table of contents


logical. If TRUE an additional column will be added to the table of contents which lists each tables variables.


logical. If TRUE (default) the cache will be checked for old, unused files. Any files which have not been accessed in the last month will be deleted


The data is pulled from the ReadCollection on the CSO API. See https://github.com/CSOIreland/PxStat/wiki/API-Cube-RESTful for more information on this.


data frame of three character columns:

  • id. Contains all of the table codes currently available on the CSO API.

  • LastModified. The date the table was last modified in POSIXct format.

  • title. The title of the table.


## Not run: 

## End(Not run)

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