Man pages for cutpointr
Determine and Evaluate Optimal Cutpoints in Binary Classification Tasks

abs_d_ppv_npvCalculate the absolute difference of positive and negative...
abs_d_sens_specCalculate the absolute difference of sensitivity and...
accuracyCalculate accuracy
add_metricAdd metrics to a cutpointr object
cohens_kappaCalculate Cohen's Kappa
cutpointExtract the cutpoints from a ROC curve generated by cutpointr
cutpoint_knotsCalculate number of knots to use in spline smoothing
cutpointrDetermine and evaluate optimal cutpoints
cutpointr_The standard evaluation version of cutpointr
F1_scoreCalculate the F1-score
false_omission_rateCalculate the false omission and false discovery rate
maximize_boot_metricOptimize a metric function in binary classification after...
maximize_gam_metricOptimize a metric function in binary classification after...
maximize_loess_metricOptimize a metric function in binary classification after...
maximize_metricOptimize a metric function in binary classification
maximize_spline_metricOptimize a metric function in binary classification after...
misclassification_costCalculate the misclassification cost
multi_cutpointrCalculate optimal cutpoints and further statistics for...
npvCalculate the negative predictive value
oc_manualSet a manual cutpoint for use with cutpointr
oc_meanUse the sample mean as cutpoint
oc_medianUse the sample median as cutpoint
oc_youden_kernelDetermine an optimal cutpoint maximizing the Youden-Index...
oc_youden_normalDetermine an optimal cutpoint for the Youden-Index assuming...
odds_ratioCalculate the odds ratio
p_chisquaredCalculate the p-value of a chi-squared test
plot_cut_bootPlot the bootstrapped distribution of optimal cutpoints from...
plot_cutpointrGeneral purpose plotting function for cutpointr or...
plot.cutpointrPlot cutpointr objects
plot_metricPlot a metric over all possible cutoffs from a cutpointr...
plot_metric_bootPlot the bootstrapped metric distribution from a cutpointr...
plot_precision_recallPrecision recall plot from a cutpointr object
plot_rocPlot ROC curve from a cutpointr object
plot_sensitivity_specificitySensitivity and specificity plot from a cutpointr object
plot_xPlot the distribution of the independent variable per class...
plrCalculate the positive or negative likelihood ratio
ppvCalculate the positive predictive value
precisionCalculate precision
predict.cutpointrPredict using a cutpointr object
print.cutpointrPrint cutpointr objects
print.multi_cutpointrPrint multi_cutpointr objects
prod_ppv_npvCalculate the product of positive and negative predictive...
prod_sens_specCalculate the product of sensitivity and specificity
recallCalculate recall
risk_ratioCalculate the risk ratio (relative risk)
rocCalculate a ROC curve
roc01Calculate the distance between points on the ROC curve and...
sensitivityCalculate sensitivity
specificityCalculate specificity
suicideSuicide attempts and DSI sum scores of 532 subjects
sum_ppv_npvCalculate the sum of positive and negative predictive value
sum_sens_specCalculate the sum of sensitivity and specificity
total_utilityCalculate the total utility
tpExtract number true / false positives / negatives
tprCalculate true / false positive / negative rate
user_span_cutpointrCalculate bandwidth for LOESS smoothing of metric functions...
youdenCalculate the Youden-Index
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