Man pages for drLumi
Multiplex Immunoassays Data Analysis

conf_bandsConfidence interval for a scluminex object
data_selectionExtracts samples information from a lum_export object or...
ecdataExpected concentration data
est_concEstimates concentration given an scluminex object
get_outliersExtract outliers from a scluminex object
intra_iccEstimate ICC of a data.frame
investEstimate the concentration given a response value
loq_cvLimits of quantifications estimation using coefficient of...
loq_derivativesLimits of quantifications estimation using derivatives
loq_intervalLimits of quantifications estimation using interval method
lum_exportExtract and generates data.frame from lum_import object
lum_importImport Luminex data
mfidataMedian Fluorescence Intensity data
plot.scluminexPlot method for the scluminex class
scluminexEstimates different models for each analyte.
SSexpSelf-Starting Nls exponential regression model
SSexpconsSelf-Starting Nls exponential constraint regression model
SSl4Self-Starting Nls 4 parameters logistic regression model
SSl4consSelf-Starting Nls 4 parameters logistic constraint regression...
SSl5Self-Starting Nls 5 parameters logistic regression model
SSl5consSelf-Starting Nls 5 parameters logistic constraint regression...
summary.scluminexSummary of a scluminex object
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