Man pages for drfit
Dose-Response Data Evaluation

antifoulDose-Response data for TBT and Zink Pyrithione in IPC-81...
checkcontrolsCheck raw data from range of plates or experiments
checkexperimentCheck raw data from a specified experiment or microtiter...
checksubstanceCheck raw data for a specified substance
drcfitFit dose-response models using the drc package
drdataGet dose-response data via RODBC
drfitFit dose-response models
drfit-packageDose-response data evaluation
drplotPlot dose-response models
IM1xIPC81Dose-Response data for 1-methyl-3-alkylimidazolium...
IM1xVibrioDose-Response data for 1-methyl-3-alkylimidazolium...
linlogitfLinear-logistic function
pyrithioneCytotoxicity data for different pyrithionates and related...
XYDose-Response data for two substances X and Y
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