Man pages for dtwclust
Time Series Clustering Along with Optimizations for the Dynamic Time Warping Distance

compare_clusteringsCompare different clustering configurations
compare_clusterings_configsCreate clustering configurations.
compute_envelopeTime series warping envelopes
cviCluster validity indices
cvi_evaluatorsCluster comparison based on CVIs
DBADTW Barycenter Averaging
Distmat-classDistance matrix
Distmat-genericsGenerics for 'Distmat'
dtw2DTW distance with L2 norm
dtw_basicBasic DTW distance
dtwclust-packageTime series clustering along with optimizations for the...
dtwclustTimingsResults of timing experiments
dtw_lbDTW distance matrix guided by Lemire's improved lower bound
explore__plotThis helper will produce the plot in the Explore tab panel.
explore__tidy_seriesThis helper will create the data frame used to plot in the...
GAKFast global alignment kernels
interactive_clusteringA shiny app for interactive clustering
lb_improvedLemire's improved DTW lower bound
lb_keoghKeogh's DTW lower bound
NCCcCross-correlation with coefficient normalization
PairTracker-classHelper for semi-supervised DTW clustering
pam_centCentroid for partition around medoids
parse_inputThis helper will parse comma-separated key-value pairs
pdc_configsHelper function for preprocessing/distance/centroid...
reinterpolateWrapper for simple linear reinterpolation
repeat_clusteringRepeat a clustering configuration
SBDShape-based distance
sdtwSoft-DTW distance
sdtw_centCentroid calculation based on soft-DTW
shape_extractionShape average of several time series
SparseDistmat-classSparse distance matrix
SparseDistmat-genericsGenerics for 'SparseDistmat'
ssdtwclustA shiny app for semi-supervised DTW-based clustering
TADPoleTADPole clustering
tsclustTime series clustering
tsclust-controlsControl parameters for clusterings with 'tsclust()'
TSClusters-classClass definition for 'TSClusters' and derived classes
tsclusters-methodsMethods for 'TSClusters'
tsclustFamily-classClass definition for 'tsclustFamily'
tslistCoerce matrices or data frames to a list of time series
uciCTSubset of character trajectories data set
zscoreWrapper for z-normalization
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