uciCT: Subset of character trajectories data set

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Subset of character trajectories data set


Subset: only 5 examples of each considered character. See details.


Lists with 100 elements. Each element is a time series. Labels included as factor vector.


Quoting the source:

"Multiple, labelled samples of pen tip trajectories recorded whilst writing individual characters. All samples are from the same writer, for the purposes of primitive extraction. Only characters with a single pen-down segment were considered."

The subset included in CharTraj has only 5 examples of the X velocity for each character. A vector with labels is also loaded in CharTrajLabels.

The subset included in CharTrajMV has 5 examples too, but includes tip force as well as X and Y velocity. Each element of the list is a multivariate series with 3 variables.

Please note that even though both CharTraj and CharTrajMV have the same series names, the actual series in each subset are not the same, i.e., CharTraj$A.V1 is not in CharTrajMV$A.V1.



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