Man pages for eba
Elimination-by-Aspects Models

balanced.pcdesignBalanced Paired-Comparison Design
bootBootstrap for Elimination-by-Aspects (EBA) Models
celebritiesChoice among Celebrities
circularCircular Triads (Intransitive Cycles)
cov.uCovariance Matrix of the EBA Utility Scale
drugriskPerceived Health Risk of Drugs
eba.orderElimination-by-Aspects (EBA) Models with Order-Effect
group.testGroup Effects in Elimination-by-Aspects (EBA) Models
heavinessWeights Judging Data
inclusion.ruleInclusion Rule
kendall.uKendall's Coefficient of Agreement
linear2btlLinear Coefficients to Bradley-Terry-Luce (BTL) Estimates
logLik.ebaLog-Likelihood of an eba Object
mbtMallows-Bradley-Terry Model
OptiPtElimination-by-Aspects (EBA) Models
pcXPaired-Comparison Design Matrix
plot.ebaDiagnostic Plot for EBA Models
porkPork Tasting Data
residuals.ebaResiduals for EBA Models
schoolsubjectsPreference for School Subjects
simulate.ebaSimulate Responses from EBA Models
soundqualityQuality of Multichannel Reproduced Sound
stransStochastic Transitivity
tartnessTartness Rankings of Salad Dressings
thurstoneThurstone-Mosteller Model (Case V)
trineqTrinary Inequality
uscaleUtility Scale of an EBA Choice Model
wald.testTesting Linear Hypotheses in Elimination-by-Aspects (EBA)...
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