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Weierstrass and Jacobi Elliptic Functions

amnmatrix a on page 637
as.primitiveConverts basic periods to a primitive pair
ckCoefficients of Laurent expansion of Weierstrass P function
congruenceSolves mx+by=1 for x and y
coquerauxFast, conceptually simple, iterative scheme for Weierstrass P...
divisorNumber theoretic functions
e16.28.1Numerical verification of equations 16.28.1 to 16.28.5
e18.10.9Numerical checks of equations 18.10.9-11, page 650
e1e2e3Calculate e1, e2, e3 from the invariants
elliptic-packageWeierstrass and Jacobi Elliptic Functions
equianharmonicSpecial cases of the Weierstrass elliptic function
etaDedekind's eta function
fareyFarey sequences
fppFundamental period parallelogram
g.funCalculates the invariants g2 and g3
half.periodsCalculates half periods in terms of e
JVarious modular functions
K.funquarter period K
latplotPlots a lattice of periods on the complex plane
latticeLattice of complex numbers
limitLimit the magnitude of elements of a vector
massageMassages numbers near the real line to be real
miscManipulate real or imaginary components of an object
mobMoebius transformations
myintegrateComplex integration
near.matchAre two vectors close to one another?
newton_raphsonNewton Raphson iteration to find roots of equations
nomeNome in terms of m or k
p1.tauDoes the right thing when calling and
parametersParameters for Weierstrass's P function
pariWrappers for PARI functions
P.laurentLaurent series for elliptic and related functions
snJacobi form of the elliptic functions
sqrtiGeneralized square root
thetaJacobi theta functions 1-4
theta1dashDerivatives of theta functions
theta1.dash.zeroDerivative of theta1
theta.nevilleNeville's form for the theta functions
unimodularUnimodular matrices
viewVisualization of complex functions
WeierstrassPWeierstrass P and related functions
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