Man pages for ensembleBMA
Probabilistic Forecasting using Ensembles and Bayesian Model Averaging

brierScoreBrier Scores
cdfCummulative Distribution Function for ensemble forcasting...
combineCombine Compatible BMA Models
controlBMAgammaControl parameters for BMA wind speed modeling
controlBMAgamma0Control parameters for BMA precipitation modeling
controlBMAnormalControl parameters for BMA mixtures of normals
crpsContinuous Ranked Probability Score
dateCheckChecks date format.
ensBMAtestEnsemble BMA Test Data Set
ensembleBMABMA mixture model fit
ensembleBMAgammaBMA wind speed modeling
ensembleBMAgamma0BMA precipitation modeling
ensembleBMAnormalBMA mixture of normals modeling
ensembleDataCreate an ensembleData object
fitBMABMA model fit to a training set
fitBMAgammaBMA wind speed model fit to a training set
fitBMAgamma0BMA precipitation model fit to a training set
fitBMAnormalBMA mixture of normals fit to a training set
julTOymdhConvert Julian dates to character format.
MAEMean Absolute Error
modelParametersExtract model parameters
pitProbability Integral Transform for ensemble forcasting models
pitHistPIT Histogram
plot.ensembleBMAPlot the Predictive Distribution Function for ensemble...
plotProbcastSurface plots for forecast information.
prcpDJdataPrecipitation Data
prcpFitBMA Model Fit to Precipitation Data
prcpGridGridded Ensemble Forecasts of Precipitation
quantileForecastQuantile forecasts at observation locations
srftSurface Temperature Ensemble Forecasts and Observations
srftGridGridded Surface Temperature Ensemble Forecasts
trainingDataExtract Training Data
verifPlotPlot observations along with median, 10th and 90th percentile...
verifRankHistVerification Rank and Histogram
ymdhTOjulConvert to Julian dates.
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