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Computes the median, 10th and 90th percentile forecasts, and plots the corresponding observations.


  verifPlot( fit, ensembleData, dates = NULL)



A model fit to ensemble forecasting data.


An ensembleData object that includes ensemble forecasts, verification observations and possibly dates. Missing values (indicated by NA) are allowed. \ This need not be the data used for the model fit, although it must include the same ensemble members.


The dates for which the CDF will be computed. These dates must be consistent with fit and ensembleData. The default is to use all of the dates in fit. The dates are ignored if fit originates from fitBMA, which also ignores date information.


A matrix giving the median, 10th and 90th percentile forecasts for the ensemble data at the specified dates. If observations are available, they are plotted along with the forecasts in order of increasing 90th percentile forecast.


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ensembleData, pit



Example output

Loading required package: chron
Warning message:
In matchDates(fitDates, ensembleValidDates(ensembleData), dates) :
  some fit dates dates not represented in data

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