Man pages for epiGWAS
Robust Methods for Epistasis Detection

BOOSTImplements BOOST SNP-SNP interaction test
cond_probComputes the propensity scores
epiGWASRuns a selection of epistasis detection methods in a joint...
fast_HMMFits a HMM to a genotype dataset by calling fastPHASE
forwardApplies the forward algorithm to a genotype dataset
forward_sampleApplies the forward algorithm to a single observation
gen_modelSamples effect sizes for the disease model
genotypesSimulated genotypes
mafSNP minor allele frequencies
merge_clusterMerges a number of clusters around the target
modified_outcomeImplements the modified outcome approach
normalized_outcomeImplements the normalized modified outcome approach
OWLImplements the outcome weighted learning approach
propensitypropensity scores
robust_outcomeImplements the robust modified outcome approach
sample_SNPSamples causal SNPs with different effect types
shifted_outcomeImplements the shifted modified outcome approach
sim_phenotypeSimulates a binary phenotype
stabilityBIGComputes the area under the stability path for all covariates
stabilityGLMComputes the area under the stability path for all covariates
subsampleCreates multiple subsamples without replacement
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