fctr: Convert labelled variable to factor

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Convert labelled variable to factor


fctr converts variable to factor. It force labels usage as factor labels for labelled variables even if 'expss.enable_value_labels_support' set to 0. For other types of variables base factor is called. Factor levels are constructed as values labels. If label doesn't exist for particular value then this value remain as is - so there is no information lost. This levels look like as "Variable_label|Value label" if argument prepend set to TRUE.


fctr(x, ..., drop_unused_labels = FALSE, prepend_var_lab = TRUE)



a vector of data with labels.


optional arguments for factor


logical. Should we drop unused value labels? Default is FALSE.


logical. Should we prepend variable label before value labels? Default is TRUE.


an object of class factor. For details see base factor documentation.

See Also

values2labels, names2labels, val_lab, var_lab. Materials for base functions: factor, as.factor, ordered, as.ordered



var_lab(mtcars$am) = "Transmission"
val_lab(mtcars$am) = c(automatic = 0, manual=1)

summary(lm(mpg ~ am, data = mtcars)) # no labels  
summary(lm(mpg ~ fctr(am), data = mtcars)) # with labels 
summary(lm(mpg ~ fctr(unvr(am)), data = mtcars)) # without variable label 

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