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Read an SPSS Data File


read_spss reads data from a file stored in SPSS *.sav format. It returns data.frame and never converts string variables to factors. Also it prepares SPSS values/variables labels for working with val_lab/var_lab functions. User-missings values are ignored. read_spss is simple wrapper around read.spss function from package foreign.


read_spss(file, reencode = TRUE, use_missings = FALSE, ...)

read_spss_to_list(file, reencode = TRUE, use_missings = FALSE, ...)



Character string: the name of the file or URL to read.


logical: should character strings be re-encoded to the current locale. The default is TRUE. NA means to do so in a UTF-8 locale, only. Alternatively, a character string specifying an encoding to assume for the file.


logical: should information on user-defined missing values be used to set the corresponding values to NA?


further parameters for read.spss


read_spss returns data.frame.

See Also

read.spss in package foreign, val_lab, var_lab


## Not run: 

w = read_spss("project_123.sav") # to data.frame

## End(Not run)

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