test_that("zscore", {
  expect_identical(zscore(NA_integer_), NA_real_)
  expect_identical(zscore(integer(0)), NA_real_)
  expect_equal(zscore(1), NA_real_)
  expect_equal(zscore(c(1, 1)), Inf)
  expect_equal(zscore(c(0, 0)), NA_real_)
  expect_equal(zscore(0), NA_real_)
  expect_equal(zscore(rnorm(1000, 2)), 2.04891535423035)
  expect_equal(zscore(1:3), 2)
  expect_equal(zscore(c(1:3, NA)), NA_real_)
  expect_equal(zscore(c(1:3, NA), na_rm = TRUE), 2)

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