Man pages for exuber
Econometric Analysis of Explosive Time Series

autoplot.datestampPlotting with ggplot2 and tidying with tibble datestamp...
autoplot.radfPlotting with ggplot2 and tidying with tibble radf objects
col_namesRetrieve/Set column names
critSimulated Monte Carlo critical values
datestampDate stamping periods of mildly explosive behaviour
exuberEconometric Analysis of Explosive Time Series
exuber-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'exuber'.
index.radfRetrieve/Replace the Index
mc_cvMonte Carlo Critical Values
pipePipe operator
print.ggarrangePrint a ggarrange object
radfRecursive Augmented Dickey-Fuller Test
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sb_cvPanel Sieve Bootstrap Critical Values
sim_blanSimulation of a Blanchard (1979) bubble process
sim_dgp1Simulation of a single-bubble process
sim_dgp2Simulation of a two-bubble process
sim_divSimulation of dividends
sim_evansSimulation of an Evans (1991) bubble process
summarySummarizing radf Models
wb_cvWild Bootstrap Critical values
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