FacebookLikesCollection-class: Class for representing a Collection of Facebook likes

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This class is used to collect Facebook likes in a convenient structure.

Use the FacebookLikesCollection constructor for building a instance of this class, as it provides better sanity and validation checks.


Although they are named the same in the Facebook jargon, likes to posts or comments are different to users' likes. This collection covers the first, while the facebook.object.likes the latter.



The raw data in a list form and as pulled from Facebook


A character vector with the id of the items included in the collection


A character vector with the fields included for each ID in the collection. Ie. id, name, created_time...


Either a temporary access token created at https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer or the OAuth token created with fbOAuth used to fill the collection.


A character vector of the parent id of the items included in the collection or NA if the items have no valid inheritance


The collection used to build this one, or NA if the collection was built from a character vectors of ids.


A character vector with the type of each element of the collection. It's set only if the collection has been built with metadata=TRUE


Gabriele Baldassarre https://gabrielebaldassarre.com

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