FacebookVideosCollection: Build a collection of Facebook videos to posts

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Connect to Facebook Graph API, get information from a list of Facebook videos to posts and build a FacebookPostsCollection-class instance.


FacebookVideosCollection(id, token = NULL, parameters = list(),
  fields = c("id", "from.fields(id,name)", "source", "length",
  "content_category", "created_time"), n = getOption("facebook.maxitems"),
  metadata = FALSE, .progress = create_progress_bar())



A character vector or a comma-delimited string of IDs or an existing Facebook Collection of any of the supported types (see below).


Either a temporary access token created at https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer or the OAuth token created with fbOAuth. If token NULL and id is a collection, use the token of the source collection. Otherwise, no query is performed to the Facebook Graph API and an empty collection is returned.


A list of parameters to be added to the Facebook Graph API query. For more information on the accepted parameters, see: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/using-graph-api.


A character vector with the fields to get for each id. If no value for a given field is found, it will be set to NULL.


If id is an iterable collection, then n is the maximum number of videos to be pulled for each element of the source collection in id. It can be set to Inf to pull out any available video and assumes the default value from the value of facebook.maxitems global option if missing. If id is not a collection or cannot be iterated, the parameter is ignored.


If set to TRUE, the metadata for each ID is pulled with the data and the type slot is fed accordingly. Please note that setting this to TRUE could considerably slow down the execution time, as more queries are needed.


progress_bar object as defined in the plyr package. By default the none progress bar is used, which prints nothing to the console. See create_progress_bar for details.


FacebookVideosCollection is the constructor for the FacebookVideosCollection-class. It returns metadata about videos but doesn't return the raw image nor the various image formats available.


A collection of videos in a FacebookVideosCollection-class object.

Nesting fields

Due to the network-graph nature of Facebook data model, you can specify fields details for each field nesting .fields() clauses.

For example, if you need only id and source for the cover field, this is valid among others: cover.fields(id,source).

Following the same philosophy, if you need only id and name for the from node you can use from.fields(id,name).

Valid sources

Instead of a character vector, one of these collections can also be passed as parameter in id:


Gabriele Baldassarre https://gabrielebaldassarre.com

See Also

FacebookAlbumsCollection, fbOAuth

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