factoextra: Extract and Visualize the Results of Multivariate Data Analyses

Provides some easy-to-use functions to extract and visualize the output of multivariate data analyses, including 'PCA' (Principal Component Analysis), 'CA' (Correspondence Analysis), 'MCA' (Multiple Correspondence Analysis), 'FAMD' (Factor Analysis of Mixed Data), 'MFA' (Multiple Factor Analysis) and 'HMFA' (Hierarchical Multiple Factor Analysis) functions from different R packages. It contains also functions for simplifying some clustering analysis steps and provides 'ggplot2' - based elegant data visualization.

AuthorAlboukadel Kassambara [aut, cre], Fabian Mundt [aut]
Date of publication2017-01-09 09:49:46
MaintainerAlboukadel Kassambara <alboukadel.kassambara@gmail.com>

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Man pages

decathlon2: Athletes' performance in decathlon

deprecated: Deprecated Functions

dist: Enhanced Distance Matrix Computation and Visualization

eclust: Visual enhancement of clustering analysis

eigenvalue: Extract and visualize the eigenvalues/variances of dimensions

facto_summarize: Subset and summarize the output of factor analyses

fviz: Visualizing Multivariate Analyse Outputs

fviz_add: Add supplementary data to a plot

fviz_ca: Visualize Correspondence Analysis

fviz_cluster: Visualize Clustering Results

fviz_contrib: Visualize the contributions of row/column elements

fviz_cos2: Visualize the quality of representation of rows/columns

fviz_dend: Enhanced Visualization of Dendrogram

fviz_ellipses: Draw confidence ellipses around the categories

fviz_famd: Visualize Factor Analysis of Mixed Data

fviz_hmfa: Visualize Hierarchical Multiple Factor Analysis

fviz_mca: Visualize Multiple Correspondence Analysis

fviz_mclust: Plot Model-Based Clustering Results using ggplot2

fviz_mfa: Visualize Multiple Factor Analysis

fviz_nbclust: Dertermining and Visualizing the Optimal Number of Clusters

fviz_pca: Visualize Principal Component Analysis

fviz_silhouette: Visualize Silhouette Information from Clustering

get_ca: Extract the results for rows/columns - CA

get_clust_tendency: Assessing Clustering Tendency

get_famd: Extract the results for individuals and variables - FAMD

get_hmfa: Extract the results for individuals/variables/group/partial...

get_mca: Extract the results for individuals/variables - MCA

get_mfa: Extract the results for individuals/variables/group/partial...

get_pca: Extract the results for individuals/variables - PCA

hcut: Computes Hierarchical Clustering and Cut the Tree

hkmeans: Hierarchical k-means clustering

housetasks: House tasks contingency table

multishapes: A dataset containing clusters of multiple shapes

poison: Poison

print.factoextra: Print method for an object of class factoextra


decathlon2 Man page
deprecated Man page
dist Man page
eclust Man page
eigenvalue Man page
facto_summarize Man page
fviz Man page
fviz_add Man page
fviz_ca Man page
fviz_ca_biplot Man page
fviz_ca_col Man page
fviz_ca_row Man page
fviz_cluster Man page
fviz_contrib Man page
fviz_cos2 Man page
fviz_dend Man page
fviz_dist Man page
fviz_eig Man page
fviz_ellipses Man page
fviz_famd Man page
fviz_famd_ind Man page
fviz_famd_var Man page
fviz_gap_stat Man page
fviz_hmfa Man page
fviz_hmfa_group Man page
fviz_hmfa_ind Man page
fviz_hmfa_ind_starplot Man page
fviz_hmfa_quali_biplot Man page
fviz_hmfa_quali_var Man page
fviz_hmfa_quanti_var Man page
fviz_hmfa_var Man page
fviz_mca Man page
fviz_mca_biplot Man page
fviz_mca_ind Man page
fviz_mca_var Man page
fviz_mclust Man page
fviz_mclust_bic Man page
fviz_mfa Man page
fviz_mfa_axes Man page
fviz_mfa_group Man page
fviz_mfa_ind Man page
fviz_mfa_ind_starplot Man page
fviz_mfa_quali_biplot Man page
fviz_mfa_quali_var Man page
fviz_mfa_quanti_var Man page
fviz_mfa_var Man page
fviz_nbclust Man page
fviz_pca Man page
fviz_pca_biplot Man page
fviz_pca_contrib Man page
fviz_pca_ind Man page
fviz_pca_var Man page
fviz_screeplot Man page
fviz_silhouette Man page
get_ca Man page
get_ca_col Man page
get_ca_row Man page
get_clust_tendency Man page
get_dist Man page
get_eig Man page
get_eigenvalue Man page
get_famd Man page
get_famd_ind Man page
get_famd_var Man page
get_hmfa Man page
get_hmfa_group Man page
get_hmfa_ind Man page
get_hmfa_partial Man page
get_hmfa_quali_var Man page
get_hmfa_quanti_var Man page
get_hmfa_var Man page
get_mca Man page
get_mca_ind Man page
get_mca_var Man page
get_mfa Man page
get_mfa_group Man page
get_mfa_ind Man page
get_mfa_partial_axes Man page
get_mfa_quali_var Man page
get_mfa_quanti_var Man page
get_mfa_var Man page
get_pca Man page
get_pca_ind Man page
get_pca_var Man page
hcut Man page
hkmeans Man page
hkmeans_tree Man page
housetasks Man page
multishapes Man page
poison Man page
print.factoextra Man page
print.hkmeans Man page


factoextra/R/fviz_pca.R factoextra/R/get_ca.R factoextra/R/print.factoextra.R factoextra/R/hkmeans.R factoextra/R/eigenvalue.R factoextra/R/multishapes.R factoextra/R/fviz_add.R factoextra/R/fviz_cos2.R factoextra/R/fviz_dend.R factoextra/R/get_famd.R factoextra/R/fviz_mca.R factoextra/R/cluster_utilities.R factoextra/R/fviz_cluster.R factoextra/R/fviz_mclust.R factoextra/R/get_hmfa.R factoextra/R/utilities.R factoextra/R/decathlon2.R factoextra/R/get_mfa.R factoextra/R/facto_summarize.R factoextra/R/deprecated.R factoextra/R/fviz_ellipses.R factoextra/R/fviz_silhouette.R factoextra/R/fviz_famd.R factoextra/R/dist.R factoextra/R/hcut.R factoextra/R/fviz_hmfa.R factoextra/R/poison.R factoextra/R/fviz_mfa.R factoextra/R/fviz_ca.R factoextra/R/fviz_nbclust.R factoextra/R/eclust.R factoextra/R/get_pca.R factoextra/R/get_clust_tendency.R factoextra/R/housetasks.R factoextra/R/get_mca.R factoextra/R/fviz_contrib.R factoextra/R/fviz.R
factoextra/man/deprecated.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_silhouette.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_dend.Rd factoextra/man/decathlon2.Rd factoextra/man/get_mfa.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_famd.Rd factoextra/man/get_mca.Rd factoextra/man/get_ca.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_add.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_ca.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_ellipses.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_cluster.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_mfa.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_nbclust.Rd factoextra/man/facto_summarize.Rd factoextra/man/hcut.Rd factoextra/man/get_hmfa.Rd factoextra/man/poison.Rd factoextra/man/print.factoextra.Rd factoextra/man/hkmeans.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_pca.Rd factoextra/man/get_clust_tendency.Rd factoextra/man/eclust.Rd factoextra/man/multishapes.Rd factoextra/man/housetasks.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_mca.Rd factoextra/man/fviz.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_hmfa.Rd factoextra/man/eigenvalue.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_cos2.Rd factoextra/man/dist.Rd factoextra/man/get_famd.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_mclust.Rd factoextra/man/fviz_contrib.Rd factoextra/man/get_pca.Rd

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