Man pages for factoextra
Extract and Visualize the Results of Multivariate Data Analyses

decathlon2Athletes' performance in decathlon
deprecatedDeprecated Functions
distEnhanced Distance Matrix Computation and Visualization
eclustVisual enhancement of clustering analysis
eigenvalueExtract and visualize the eigenvalues/variances of dimensions
facto_summarizeSubset and summarize the output of factor analyses
fvizVisualizing Multivariate Analyse Outputs
fviz_addAdd supplementary data to a plot
fviz_caVisualize Correspondence Analysis
fviz_clusterVisualize Clustering Results
fviz_contribVisualize the contributions of row/column elements
fviz_cos2Visualize the quality of representation of rows/columns
fviz_dendEnhanced Visualization of Dendrogram
fviz_ellipsesDraw confidence ellipses around the categories
fviz_famdVisualize Factor Analysis of Mixed Data
fviz_hmfaVisualize Hierarchical Multiple Factor Analysis
fviz_mcaVisualize Multiple Correspondence Analysis
fviz_mclustPlot Model-Based Clustering Results using ggplot2
fviz_mfaVisualize Multiple Factor Analysis
fviz_nbclustDertermining and Visualizing the Optimal Number of Clusters
fviz_pcaVisualize Principal Component Analysis
fviz_silhouetteVisualize Silhouette Information from Clustering
get_caExtract the results for rows/columns - CA
get_clust_tendencyAssessing Clustering Tendency
get_famdExtract the results for individuals and variables - FAMD
get_hmfaExtract the results for individuals/variables/group/partial...
get_mcaExtract the results for individuals/variables - MCA
get_mfaExtract the results for individuals/variables/group/partial...
get_pcaExtract the results for individuals/variables - PCA
hcutComputes Hierarchical Clustering and Cut the Tree
hkmeansHierarchical k-means clustering
housetasksHouse tasks contingency table
multishapesA dataset containing clusters of multiple shapes
print.factoextraPrint method for an object of class factoextra
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