ped.x.all: Example dataset returned by the function 'read.merlin.files'

Description Usage Format Examples


This list is an example of output from the function read.merlin.files. It is provided to test the function fat2Lpoly.withinR by executing the example code in the fat2Lpoly.withinR documentation.




A list of six objects:


data frame with columns, subject.ids, endophenotype and phenotype (in the given order)


data frame of SNP genotypes in the format "(number of minor alleles)/2", for all SNPs listed in the file(s) in datfilenames. It contains only the SNP data and it has as column names the SNP names in datfilenames. The lines come in the same order as in ped.


data frame giving the minor allele numbers of all the SNPs. The first column consists of x.all's column names and the second column the minor allele numbers.


list of one or two data frames containing the columns of the IBD data file(s) in ibdfilenames.

affection name extracted from first line of the data file(s)

affection name extracted from second line of the data file(s)


(same object as provided as argument) vector of 1 or 2 (the number of loci involved in the design function) character strings giving the names of the Merlin format ibd files corresponding to the pedigree files.



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