Man pages for fdasrvf
Elastic Functional Data Analysis

align_fPCAGroup-wise function alignment and PCA Extractions
AmplitudeBoxplotAmplitude Boxplot
betaMPEG7 Curve Dataset
bootTBTolerance Bound Calculation using Bootstrap Sampling
calc_shape_distElastic Shape Distance
curve_geodesicForm geodesic between two curves
curve_karcher_covCurve Karcher Covariance
curve_karcher_meanKarcher Mean of Curves
curve_pair_alignPairwise align two curves
curve_principal_directionsCurve PCA
curve_srvf_alignAlign Curves
curve_to_qConvert to SRVF space
elastic.depthCalculates elastic depth
elastic.distanceCalculates two elastic distance
elastic.logisticElastic Logistic Regression
elastic.lpcr.regressionElastic Logisitc Prinipcal Component Regression
elastic.mlogisticElastic Multinomial Logistic Regression
elastic.mlpcr.regressionElastic Multinomial Logisitc Prinipcal Component Regression
elastic.pcr.regressionElastic Linear Prinipcal Component Regression
elastic.predictionElastic Prediction from Regression Models
elastic.regressionElastic Linear Regression
fdasrvfElastic Functional Data Analysis
f_to_srvfConvert to SRSF
function_group_warp_bayesBayesian Group Warping
function_mean_bayesBayesian Karcher Mean Calculation
gauss_modelGaussian model of functional data
gradientGradient using finite differences
growth_velBerkley Growth Velocity Dataset
horizFPCAHorizontal Functional Principal Component Analysis
imExample Image Data set
invertGammaInvert Warping Function
jointFPCAJoint Vertical and Horizontal Functional Principal Component...
joint_gauss_modelGaussian model of functional data using joint Model
kmeans_alignK-Means Clustering and Alignment
multiple_align_functionsGroup-wise function alignment to specified mean
optimum.reparamAlign two functions
outlier.detectionOutlier Detection
pair_align_functionsAlign two functions
pair_align_functions_bayesAlign two functions
pair_align_functions_expomapAlign two functions using geometric properties of warping...
pair_align_imagePairwise align two images This function aligns to images...
pcaTBTolerance Bound Calculation using Elastic Functional PCA
PhaseBoxplotPhase Boxplot
predict.lpcrElastic Prediction for functional logisitc PCR Model
predict.mlpcrElastic Prediction for functional multinomial logisitc PCR...
predict.pcrElastic Prediction for functional PCR Model
q_to_curveConvert to curve space
reparam_curveAlign two curves
reparam_imageFind optimum reparameterization between two images
resamplecurveResample Curve
rgamRandom Warping
sample_shapesSample shapes from model
simu_dataSimulated two Gaussian Dataset
simu_warpAligned Simulated two Gaussian Dataset
simu_warp_medianAligned Simulated two Gaussian Dataset using Median
smooth.dataSmooth Functions
SqrtMeanSRVF transform of warping functions
SqrtMedianSRVF transform of warping functions
srvf_to_fConvert SRVF to f
time_warpingGroup-wise function alignment
toy_dataDistributed Gaussian Peak Dataset
toy_warpAligned Distributed Gaussian Peak Dataset
vertFPCAVertical Functional Principal Component Analysis
warp_f_gammaWarp Function
warp_q_gammaWarp SRSF
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