extralines_register: Register 'extralines' macros to be used in 'etable'

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extralines_registerR Documentation

Register extralines macros to be used in etable


This function is used to create extralines (which is an argument of etable) macros that can be easily summoned in etable.


extralines_register(type, fun, alias)



A character scalar giving the type-name.


A function to be applied to a fixest estimation. It must return a scalar.


A character scalar. This is the alias to be used in lieu of the type name to form the row name.


You can register as many macros as you wish, the only constraint is that the type name should not conflict with a fitstat type name.


# We register a function computing the standard-deviation of the dependent variable
my_fun = function(x) sd(model.matrix(x, type = "lhs"))
extralines_register("sdy", my_fun, "SD(y)")

# An estimation
est = feols(Petal.Length ~ Sepal.Length | Species, iris)

# Now we can easily create a row with the mean of y.
# We just "summon" it in a one-sided formula
etable(est, extralines = ~ sdy)

# We can change the alias on the fly:
etable(est, extralines = list("_Standard deviation of the dep. var." = ~ sdy))

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