Man pages for fixest
Fast Fixed-Effects Estimations

aggregate.fixestAggregates the values of DiD coefficients a la Sun and...
AIC.fixestAikake's an information criterion
as.list.fixest_multiTransforms a fixest_multi object into a list
base_didSample data for difference in difference
base_staggSample data for staggered difference in difference
BIC.fixestBayesian information criterion
binBins the values of a variable (typically a factor)
bread.fixestExtracts the bread matrix from fixest objects
cash-.fixest_multiExtracts the root of a fixest_multi object
check_conv_feolsCheck the fixed-effects convergence of a 'feols' estimation
coef.fixestExtracts the coefficients from a 'fixest' estimation
coef.fixest_multiExtracts the coefficients of fixest_multi objects
coefplotPlots confidence intervals and point estimates
coeftableObtain various statistics from an estimation
collinearityCollinearity diagnostics for 'fixest' objects
confint.fixestConfidence interval for parameters estimated with 'fixest'
degrees_freedomGets the degrees of freedom of a 'fixest' estimation
demeanCenters a set of variables around a set of factors
deviance.fixestExtracts the deviance of a fixest estimation
did_meansTreated and control sample descriptives
dsbSimple and powerful string manipulation with the dot square...
est_envEstimates a 'fixest' estimation from a 'fixest' environment
estfun.fixestExtracts the scores from a fixest estimation
etableEstimations table (export the results of multiples...
extralines_registerRegister 'extralines' macros to be used in 'etable'
feglmFixed-effects GLM estimations
femlmFixed-effects maximum likelihood models
feNmlmFixed effects nonlinear maximum likelihood models
feolsFixed-effects OLS estimation
fitstatComputes fit statistics of fixest objects
fitstat_registerRegister custom fit statistics
fitted.fixestExtracts fitted values from a 'fixest' fit
fixef.fixestExtract the Fixed-Effects from a 'fixest' estimation.
fixef_reexportedFunctions exported from 'nlme' to implement 'fixest' methods
fixestFast and User-Friendly Fixed-Effects Estimations
fixest_startup_msgPermanently removes the fixest package startup message
formula.fixestExtract the formula of a 'fixest' fit
hatvalues.fixestHat values for 'fixest' objects
iCreate, or interact variables with, factors
lLags a variable in a 'fixest' estimation
lag.formulaLags a variable using a formula
logLik.fixestExtracts the log-likelihood
model.matrix.fixestDesign matrix of a 'fixest' object
nobs.fixestExtracts the number of observations form a 'fixest' object
n_unikPrints the number of unique elements in a data set
obsExtracts the observations used for the estimation
osizeFormatted object size
panelConstructs a 'fixest' panel data base
plot.fixest.fixefDisplaying the most notable fixed-effects
predict.fixestPredict method for 'fixest' fits
print.fixestA print facility for 'fixest' objects.
print.fixest_fitstatPrint method for fit statistics of fixest estimations
print.fixest_multiPrint method for fixest_multi objects
r2R2s of 'fixest' models
refRefactors a variable
rep.fixestReplicates 'fixest' objects
resid.fixestExtracts residuals from a 'fixest' object
resid.fixest_multiExtracts the residuals from a 'fixest_multi' object
sample_dfRandomly draws observations from a data set
sandwich_reexportedFunctions exported from 'sandwich' to implement 'fixest'...
setFixest_coefplotSets the defaults of coefplot
setFixest_dictSets/gets the dictionary relabeling the variables
setFixest_estimationDefault arguments for fixest estimations
setFixest_fmlSets/gets formula macros
setFixest_notesSets/gets whether to display notes in 'fixest' estimation...
setFixest_nthreadsSets/gets the number of threads to use in 'fixest' functions
setFixest_vcovSets the default type of standard errors to be used
sigma.fixestResidual standard deviation of 'fixest' estimations
sscGoverns the small sample correction in 'fixest' VCOVs
stepwiseStepwise estimation tools
style.dfStyle of data.frames created by etable
style.texStyle definitions for Latex tables
sub-.fixest_multiSubset a fixest_multi object
sub-.fixest_panelMethod to subselect from a 'fixest_panel'
sub-sub-.fixest_multiExtracts one element from a 'fixest_multi' object
summary.fixestSummary of a 'fixest' object. Computes different types of...
summary.fixest.fixefSummary method for fixed-effects coefficients
summary.fixest_multiSummary for fixest_multi objects
sunabSun and Abraham interactions
terms.fixestExtract the terms
to_integerFast transform of any type of vector(s) into an integer...
tradeTrade data sample
unpanelDissolves a 'fixest' panel
update.fixestUpdates a 'fixest' estimation
vcov_clusterClustered VCOV
vcov_conleyConley VCOV
vcov.fixestComputes the variance/covariance of a 'fixest' object
vcov_hacHAC VCOVs
waldWald test of nullity of coefficients
weights.fixestExtracts the weights from a 'fixest' object
xpdExpands formula macros
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