print.fixest_fitstat: Print method for fit statistics of fixest estimations

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print.fixest_fitstatR Documentation

Print method for fit statistics of fixest estimations


Displays a brief summary of selected fit statistics from the function fitstat.


## S3 method for class 'fixest_fitstat'
print(x, na.rm = FALSE, ...)



An object resulting from the fitstat function.


Logical, default is FALSE. If TRUE, the statistics that are missing are not displayed.


Not currently used.


gravity = feols(log(Euros) ~ log(dist_km) | Destination + Origin, trade)

# Extracting the 'working' number of observations used to compute the pvalues
fitstat(gravity, "g", simplify = TRUE)

# Some fit statistics
fitstat(gravity, ~ rmse + r2 + wald + wf)

# You can use them in etable
etable(gravity, fitstat = ~ rmse + r2 + wald + wf)

# For wald and wf, you could show the pvalue instead:
etable(gravity, fitstat = ~ rmse + r2 + wald.p + wf.p)

# Now let's display some statistics that are not built-in
# => we use fitstat_register to create them

# We need: a) type name, b) the function to be applied
#          c) (optional) an alias

fitstat_register("tstand", function(x) tstat(x, se = "stand")[1], "t-stat (regular)")
fitstat_register("thc", function(x) tstat(x, se = "heter")[1], "t-stat (HC1)")
fitstat_register("t1w", function(x) tstat(x, se = "clus")[1], "t-stat (clustered)")
fitstat_register("t2w", function(x) tstat(x, se = "twow")[1], "t-stat (2-way)")

# Now we can use these keywords in fitstat:
etable(gravity, fitstat = ~ . + tstand + thc + t1w + t2w)

# Note that the custom stats we created are can easily lead
# to errors, but that's another story!

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