flexmix: Flexible Mixture Modeling

FlexMix implements a general framework for finite mixtures of regression models using the EM algorithm. FlexMix provides the E-step and all data handling, while the M-step can be supplied by the user to easily define new models. Existing drivers implement mixtures of standard linear models, generalized linear models and model-based clustering.

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AuthorBettina Gruen [aut, cre], Friedrich Leisch [aut], Deepayan Sarkar [ctb], Frederic Mortier [ctb], Nicolas Picard [ctb]
Date of publication2015-01-17 18:51:41
MaintainerBettina Gruen <Bettina.Gruen@jku.at>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

AIC-methods: Methods for Function AIC

betablocker: Clinical Trial of Beta-Blockers

BIC-methods: Methods for Function BIC

bioChemists: Articles by Graduate Students in Biochemistry Ph.D. Programs

boot: Bootstrap a flexmix Object

BregFix: Artificial Example for Binomial Regression

candy: Candy Packs Purchased

dmft: Dental Data

EIC: Entropic Measure Information Criterion

ExLinear: Artificial Data from a Generalized Linear Regression Mixture

ExNclus: Artificial Example with 4 Gaussians

ExNPreg: Artificial Example for Normal, Poisson and Binomial...

fabricfault: Fabric Faults

fitted: Extract Model Fitted Values

flexmix: Flexible Mixture Modeling

flexmix-class: Class "flexmix"

flexmix-internal: Internal FlexMix Functions

FLXbclust: FlexMix Binary Clustering Driver

FLXcomponent-class: Class "FLXcomponent"

FLXconcomitant: Creates the Concomitant Variable Model

FLXcontrol-class: Class "FLXcontrol"

FLXdist: Finite Mixtures of Distributions

FLXdist-class: Class "FLXdist"

FLXfit: Fitter Function for FlexMix Models

FLXglm: FlexMix Interface to Generalized Linear Models

FLXglmFix: FlexMix Interface to GLMs with Fixed Coefficients

FLXMCfactanal: Driver for Mixtures of Factor Analyzers

FLXmclust: FlexMix Clustering Demo Driver

FLXMCmvcombi: FlexMix Binary and Gaussian Clustering Driver

FLXMCmvpois: FlexMix Poisson Clustering Driver

FLXmodel-class: Class "FLXM"

FLXMRcondlogit: FlexMix Interface to Conditional Logit Models

FLXMRglmnet: FlexMix Interface for Adaptive Lasso / Elastic Net with GLMs

FLXMRlmer: FlexMix Interface to Linear Mixed Models

FLXMRlmmc: FlexMix Interface to Linear Mixed Models with Left-Censoring

FLXMRmgcv: FlexMix Interface to GAMs

FLXMRmultinom: FlexMix Interface to Multiomial Logit Models

FLXMRrobglm: FlexMix Driver for Robust Estimation of Generalized Linear...

FLXMRziglm: FlexMix Interface to Zero Inflated Generalized Linear Models

FLXnested-class: Class "FLXnested"

FLXP-class: Class "FLXP"

group: Extract Grouping Variable

ICL: Integrated Completed Likelihood Criterion

KLdiv: Kullback-Leibler Divergence

Lapply-methods: Methods for Function Lapply

logLik-methods: Methods for Function logLik in Package 'flexmix'

Mehta: Mehta Trial

NregFix: Artificial Example for Normal Regression

patent: Patents and R&D Spending

plotEll: Plot Confidence Ellipses for FLXMCmvnorm Results

plot-methods: Rootogram of Posterior Probabilities

posterior: Determine Cluster Membership and Posterior Probabilities

refit: Refit a Fitted Model

relabel: Relabel the Components

rflexmix: Random Number Generator for Finite Mixtures

salmonellaTA98: Salmonella Reverse Mutagenicity Assay

seizure: Epileptic Seizure Data

stepFlexmix: Run FlexMix Repeatedly

tribolium: Tribolium Beetles

trypanosome: Trypanosome

whiskey: Survey Data on Brands of Scotch whiskey Consumed


AIC,flexmix-method Man page
AIC,stepFlexmix-method Man page
betablocker Man page
BIC,flexmix-method Man page
BIC,stepFlexmix-method Man page
bioChemists Man page
boot Man page
boot,flexmix-method Man page
BregFix Man page
candy Man page
clusters,flexmix,missing-method Man page
clusters,FLXboot,listOrdata.frame-method Man page
clusters,FLXdist,ANY-method Man page
coerce,list,FLXcontrol-method Man page
coerce,list,FLXnested-method Man page
coerce,NULL,FLXcontrol-method Man page
coerce,NULL,FLXnested-method Man page
coerce,numeric,FLXnested-method Man page
dmft Man page
EIC Man page
EIC,flexmix-method Man page
EIC,stepFlexmix-method Man page
existGradient Man page
existGradient,FLXM-method Man page
existGradient,FLXMRcondlogit-method Man page
existGradient,FLXMRglmfix-method Man page
existGradient,FLXMRglm-method Man page
existGradient,FLXMRmultinom-method Man page
existGradient,FLXP-method Man page
ExLinear Man page
ExNclus Man page
ExNPreg Man page
fabricfault Man page
fitted,flexmix-method Man page
fitted,FLXM-method Man page
fitted,FLXMRglmfix-method Man page
fitted,FLXR-method Man page
fitted,FLXRMRglm-method Man page
flexmix Man page
flexmix-class Man page
flexmix,formula,ANY,ANY,ANY,FLXM-method Man page
flexmix,formula,ANY,ANY,ANY,list-method Man page
flexmix,formula,ANY,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
FLXbclust Man page
FLXboot-class Man page
FLXcheckComponent Man page
FLXcheckComponent,FLXM-method Man page
FLXcheckComponent,FLXMRfix-method Man page
FLXcomponent-class Man page
FLXconstant Man page
FLXcontrol-class Man page
FLXdeterminePostunscaled Man page
FLXdeterminePostunscaled,FLXM-method Man page
FLXdeterminePostunscaled,FLXMRcondlogit-method Man page
FLXdeterminePostunscaled,FLXMRfix-method Man page
FLXdeterminePostunscaled,FLXMRlmc-method Man page
FLXdeterminePostunscaled,FLXMRlmer-method Man page
FLXdeterminePostunscaled,FLXMRlmmc-method Man page
FLXdeterminePostunscaled,FLXMRlmm-method Man page
FLXdist Man page
FLXdist-class Man page
FLXfit Man page
FLXfit,list-method Man page
FLXgetDesign Man page
FLXgetDesign,FLXM-method Man page
FLXgetDesign,FLXMRglmfix-method Man page
FLXgetDesign,FLXMRziglm-method Man page
FLXgetK Man page
FLXgetK,FLXM-method Man page
FLXgetK,FLXMRfix-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXM-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMRcondlogit-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMRfix-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMRlmc-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMRlmer-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMRlmmc-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMRlmm-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMRmgcv-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMRrobglm-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMRziglm-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXP-method Man page
FLXgetObs Man page
FLXgetObs,FLXM-method Man page
FLXgetObs,FLXMRfix-method Man page
FLXgetObs,FLXMRlmc-method Man page
FLXgetObs,FLXMRlmm-method Man page
FLXgetParameters Man page
FLXgetParameters,FLXdist-method Man page
FLXgetParameters,FLXMC-method Man page
FLXgetParameters,FLXM-method Man page
FLXgetParameters,FLXMRglm-method Man page
FLXgetParameters,FLXP-method Man page
FLXgetParameters,FLXPmultinom-method Man page
FLXglm Man page
FLXglmFix Man page
FLXgradlogLikfun Man page
FLXgradlogLikfun,flexmix-method Man page
FLXgradlogLikfun,FLXM-method Man page
FLXgradlogLikfun,FLXMRglm-method Man page
FLXgradlogLikfun,FLXMRziglm-method Man page
FLXgradlogLikfun,FLXP-method Man page
FLXlogLikfun Man page
FLXlogLikfun,flexmix-method Man page
FLXMC-class Man page
FLXMCfactanal Man page
FLXM-class Man page
FLXmclust Man page
FLXMCmvbinary Man page
FLXMCmvcombi Man page
FLXMCmvnorm Man page
FLXMCmvpois Man page
FLXMCnorm1 Man page
FLXMR-class Man page
FLXMRcondlogit Man page
FLXMRfix-class Man page
FLXMRglm Man page
FLXMRglm-class Man page
FLXMRglmfix Man page
FLXMRglmfix-class Man page
FLXMRglmnet Man page
FLXMRglmnet-class Man page
FLXMRlmc-class Man page
FLXMRlmcfix-class Man page
FLXMRlmer Man page
FLXMRlmer-class Man page
FLXMRlmm Man page
FLXMRlmmc Man page
FLXMRlmmc-class Man page
FLXMRlmmcfix-class Man page
FLXMRlmm-class Man page
FLXMRlmmfix-class Man page
FLXMRmgcv Man page
FLXMRmgcv-class Man page
FLXMRmultinom Man page
FLXMRrobglm Man page
FLXMRrobglm-class Man page
FLXMRziglm Man page
FLXMRziglm-class Man page
FLXmstep Man page
FLXmstep,FLXM-method Man page
FLXmstep,FLXMRcondlogit-method Man page
FLXmstep,FLXMRfix-method Man page
FLXmstep,FLXMRlmcfix-method Man page
FLXmstep,FLXMRlmc-method Man page
FLXmstep,FLXMRlmer-method Man page
FLXmstep,FLXMRlmmcfix-method Man page
FLXmstep,FLXMRlmmc-method Man page
FLXmstep,FLXMRlmmfix-method Man page
FLXmstep,FLXMRlmm-method Man page
FLXmstep,FLXMRmgcv-method Man page
FLXmstep,FLXMRrobglm-method Man page
FLXmstep,FLXMRziglm-method Man page
FLXmultinom Man page
FLXnested-class Man page
FLXP-class Man page
FLXPconstant Man page
FLXPconstant-class Man page
FLXPmultinom Man page
FLXPmultinom-class Man page
FLXR-class Man page
FLXremoveComponent Man page
FLXremoveComponent,FLXM-method Man page
FLXremoveComponent,FLXMRfix-method Man page
FLXremoveComponent,FLXMRrobglm-method Man page
FLXremoveComponent,FLXMRziglm-method Man page
FLXreplaceParameters Man page
FLXreplaceParameters,FLXdist-method Man page
FLXreplaceParameters,FLXMC-method Man page
FLXreplaceParameters,FLXM-method Man page
FLXreplaceParameters,FLXMRglm-method Man page
FLXreplaceParameters,FLXMRziglm-method Man page
FLXreplaceParameters,FLXP-method Man page
FLXreplaceParameters,FLXPmultinom-method Man page
FLXRMRglm-class Man page
FLXRMRglmfix-class Man page
FLXRmstep-class Man page
FLXRoptim-class Man page
FLXRPmultinom-class Man page
getModel,stepFlexmix-method Man page
group Man page
group,flexmix-method Man page
group,FLXM-method Man page
group,FLXMRglmfix-method Man page
group-methods Man page
ICL,flexmix-method Man page
ICL,stepFlexmix-method Man page
initFlexmix Man page
initialize,FLXnested-method Man page
initialize,FLXP-method Man page
initMethod Man page
initMethod-class Man page
KLdiv,flexmix-method Man page
KLdiv,FLXMC-method Man page
KLdiv,FLXMRglm-method Man page
KLdiv,matrix-method Man page
Lapply,FLXRmstep-method Man page
listOrdata.frame-class Man page
logLik,flexmix-method Man page
logLik,stepFlexmix-method Man page
LR_test Man page
LR_test,flexmix-method Man page
Mehta Man page
Nclus Man page
NPreg Man page
NregFix Man page
parameters,FLXboot-method Man page
parameters,FLXdist-method Man page
patent Man page
plotEll Man page
plot,flexmix,missing-method Man page
plot,FLXboot,missing-method Man page
plot,FLXRoptim,missing-method Man page
plot-methods Man page
plot,stepFlexmix,missing-method Man page
posterior,flexmix,missing-method Man page
posterior,FLXboot,listOrdata.frame-method Man page
posterior,FLXdist,listOrdata.frame-method Man page
posterior,FLXM,listOrdata.frame-method Man page
predict,FLXboot-method Man page
predict,FLXdist-method Man page
predict,FLXM-method Man page
predict,FLXMRglmfix-method Man page
predict,FLXMRglm-method Man page
predict,FLXMRlmc-method Man page
predict,FLXMRlmm-method Man page
predict,FLXMRmgcv-method Man page
prior Man page
prior,flexmix-method Man page
prior,FLXdist-method Man page
refit,flexmix-method Man page
refit,FLXMRziglm-method Man page
refit_optim Man page
refit_optim,FLXMC-method Man page
refit_optim,FLXM-method Man page
refit_optim,FLXMRglm-method Man page
refit_optim,FLXMRziglm-method Man page
refit_optim,FLXP-method Man page
relabel Man page
relabel,FLXdist,character-method Man page
relabel,FLXdist,integer-method Man page
relabel,FLXdist,missing-method Man page
rflexmix Man page
rflexmix,flexmix,missing-method Man page
rflexmix,FLXdist,listOrdata.frame-method Man page
rflexmix,FLXdist,numeric-method Man page
rFLXM Man page
rFLXM,FLXMCbinom,FLXcomponent-method Man page
rFLXM,FLXMCfactanal,FLXcomponent-method Man page
rFLXM,FLXMC,FLXcomponent-method Man page
rFLXM,FLXMCmultinom,FLXcomponent-method Man page
rFLXM,FLXM,FLXcomponent-method Man page
rFLXM,FLXM,list-method Man page
rFLXM,FLXMRglmfix,list-method Man page
rFLXM,FLXMRglm,FLXcomponent-method Man page
rFLXM,FLXMRglm,list-method Man page
rFLXM,FLXMRlmm,FLXcomponent-method Man page
rFLXM,FLXMRlmm,list-method Man page
salmonellaTA98 Man page
seizure Man page
show,Coefmat-method Man page
show,flexmix-method Man page
show,FLXboot-method Man page
show,FLXcomponent-method Man page
show,FLXdist-method Man page
show,FLXM-method Man page
show,FLXP-method Man page
show,FLXR-method Man page
show,stepFlexmix-method Man page
show,summary.flexmix-method Man page
simulate,FLXdist-method Man page
stepFlexmix Man page
stepFlexmix-class Man page
summary.flexmix-class Man page
summary,flexmix-method Man page
summary,FLXRMRglmfix-method Man page
summary,FLXRmstep-method Man page
summary,FLXRoptim-method Man page
tribolium Man page
trypanosome Man page
unique,stepFlexmix-method Man page
whiskey Man page
whiskey_brands Man page


inst/doc/myConcomitant.R inst/doc/bootstrapping.R
inst/doc/ziglm.R inst/doc/regression-examples.R
R/rFLXmodel.R R/rflexmix.R R/utils.R R/models.R R/plot-refit.R R/plot-FLXboot.R R/lattice.R R/multinom.R R/plot.R R/flxmcmvpois.R R/kldiv.R R/allClasses.R R/relabel.R R/boot.R R/glmnet.R R/flexmix.R R/flexmixFix.R R/z.R R/plot-flexmix.R R/glmFix.R R/initFlexmix.R R/concomitant.R R/condlogit.R R/allGenerics.R R/ziglm.R R/lmmc.R R/infocrit.R R/lmm.R R/examples.R R/flxdist.R R/group.R R/robust.R R/lmer.R R/stepFlexmix.R R/factanal.R R/refit.R R/mgcv.R
man/FLXMRcondlogit.Rd man/stepFlexmix.Rd man/ExLinear.Rd man/FLXMRziglm.Rd man/rflexmix.Rd man/AIC-methods.Rd man/ExNclus.Rd man/FLXMCmvcombi.Rd man/FLXmclust.Rd man/FLXmodel-class.Rd man/BIC-methods.Rd man/plot-methods.Rd man/FLXdist.Rd man/FLXbclust.Rd man/EIC.Rd man/group.Rd man/seizure.Rd man/FLXMRlmer.Rd man/plotEll.Rd man/FLXglmFix.Rd man/dmft.Rd man/FLXnested-class.Rd man/FLXglm.Rd man/FLXfit.Rd man/ICL.Rd man/Mehta.Rd man/candy.Rd man/ExNPreg.Rd man/fabricfault.Rd man/FLXMRmultinom.Rd man/FLXMCmvpois.Rd man/FLXdist-class.Rd man/FLXMRlmmc.Rd man/flexmix.Rd man/flexmix-class.Rd man/Lapply-methods.Rd man/FLXMRrobglm.Rd man/FLXMRmgcv.Rd man/boot.Rd man/FLXcontrol-class.Rd man/FLXconcomitant.Rd man/trypanosome.Rd man/betablocker.Rd man/refit.Rd man/FLXMCfactanal.Rd man/FLXP-class.Rd man/FLXMRglmnet.Rd man/patent.Rd man/FLXcomponent-class.Rd man/salmonellaTA98.Rd man/fitted.Rd man/whiskey.Rd man/logLik-methods.Rd man/tribolium.Rd man/posterior.Rd man/relabel.Rd man/KLdiv.Rd man/NregFix.Rd man/flexmix-internal.Rd man/BregFix.Rd man/bioChemists.Rd

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