Man pages for flexmix
Flexible Mixture Modeling

AIC-methodsMethods for Function AIC
betablockerClinical Trial of Beta-Blockers
BIC-methodsMethods for Function BIC
bioChemistsArticles by Graduate Students in Biochemistry Ph.D. Programs
bootBootstrap a flexmix Object
BregFixArtificial Example for Binomial Regression
candyCandy Packs Purchased
dmftDental Data
EICEntropic Measure Information Criterion
ExLinearArtificial Data from a Generalized Linear Regression Mixture
ExNclusArtificial Example with 4 Gaussians
ExNPregArtificial Example for Normal, Poisson and Binomial...
fabricfaultFabric Faults
fittedExtract Model Fitted Values
flexmixFlexible Mixture Modeling
flexmix-classClass "flexmix"
flexmix-internalInternal FlexMix Functions
FLXbclustFlexMix Binary Clustering Driver
FLXcomponent-classClass "FLXcomponent"
FLXconcomitantCreates the Concomitant Variable Model
FLXcontrol-classClass "FLXcontrol"
FLXdistFinite Mixtures of Distributions
FLXdist-classClass "FLXdist"
FLXfitFitter Function for FlexMix Models
FLXglmFlexMix Interface to Generalized Linear Models
FLXglmFixFlexMix Interface to GLMs with Fixed Coefficients
FLXMCdist1FlexMix Clustering of Univariate Distributions
FLXMCfactanalDriver for Mixtures of Factor Analyzers
FLXmclustFlexMix Clustering Demo Driver
FLXMCmvcombiFlexMix Binary and Gaussian Clustering Driver
FLXMCmvpoisFlexMix Poisson Clustering Driver
FLXmodel-classClass "FLXM"
FLXMRcondlogitFlexMix Interface to Conditional Logit Models
FLXMRglmnetFlexMix Interface for Adaptive Lasso / Elastic Net with GLMs
FLXMRlmerFlexMix Interface to Linear Mixed Models
FLXMRlmmcFlexMix Interface to Linear Mixed Models with Left-Censoring
FLXMRmgcvFlexMix Interface to GAMs
FLXMRmultinomFlexMix Interface to Multiomial Logit Models
FLXMRrobglmFlexMix Driver for Robust Estimation of Generalized Linear...
FLXMRziglmFlexMix Interface to Zero Inflated Generalized Linear Models
FLXnested-classClass "FLXnested"
FLXP-classClass "FLXP"
groupExtract Grouping Variable
ICLIntegrated Completed Likelihood Criterion
KLdivKullback-Leibler Divergence
Lapply-methodsMethods for Function Lapply
logLik-methodsMethods for Function logLik in Package 'flexmix'
MehtaMehta Trial
NregFixArtificial Example for Normal Regression
patentPatents and R&D Spending
plotEllPlot Confidence Ellipses for FLXMCmvnorm Results
plot-methodsRootogram of Posterior Probabilities
posteriorDetermine Cluster Membership and Posterior Probabilities
refitRefit a Fitted Model
relabelRelabel the Components
rflexmixRandom Number Generator for Finite Mixtures
salmonellaTA98Salmonella Reverse Mutagenicity Assay
seizureEpileptic Seizure Data
stepFlexmixRun FlexMix Repeatedly
triboliumTribolium Beetles
whiskeySurvey Data on Brands of Scotch whiskey Consumed
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