FLXMRlmmc: FlexMix Interface to Linear Mixed Models with Left-Censoring

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This is a driver which allows fitting of mixtures of linear models with random effects and left-censored observations.


FLXMRlmmc(formula = . ~ ., random, censored, varFix, eps = 10^-6, ...)



A formula which is interpreted relative to the formula specified in the call to flexmix using update.formula. Default is to use the original flexmix model formula.


A formula for specifying the random effects. If missing no random effects are fitted.


If random effects are specified a named logical vector of length 2 indicating if the variance of the random effects and the residuals are fixed over the components. Otherwise a logical indicating if the variance of the residuals are fixed over the components.


A formula for specifying the censoring variable.


Observations with an a-posteriori probability smaller or equal to eps are omitted in the M-step.


Additional arguments to be passed to lm.wfit.


Returns an object of class FLXMRlmmc, FLXMRlmmcfix, FLXMRlmc or FLXMRlmcfix.


Bettina Gruen

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