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Statistical Estimation of Game-Theoretic Models

data_122Simulated egame122 data
data_123Simulated egame123 data
data_ultSimulated ultimatum data
egame12Strategic model with 2 players, 3 terminal nodes
egame122Strategic model with 2 players, 4 terminal nodes
egame123Strategic model with 3 players, 4 terminal nodes
games-packageA package for estimating strategic statistical models.
latexTableLaTeX table for strategic models
leblang2003Currency attacks
LWLambert's W
makeFormulasModel formula construction
ModeMode of a vector
plot.predProbsPlot predicted probabilities
plot.profile.gamePlot profiles of strategic model log-likelihoods
predict.gamePredicted probabilities for strategic models
predProbsUser-friendly predicted probability analysis
print.gamePrint a strategic model object
print.summary.gamePrint strategic model summary
profile.gameLikelihood profiles for fitted strategic models
student_offersData from students playing the ultimatum game
summary.gameSummarize a strategic model object
ultimatumStatistical ultimatum game
vuongNon-nested model tests
war180019th-century international disputes
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