geonames: Interface to web service

Code for querying the web service at

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AuthorBarry Rowlingson
Date of publication2014-12-19 19:02:02
MaintainerBarry Rowlingson <>

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geonames Man page
geonames-package Man page
GNchildren Man page
GNcities Man page
GNcountryCode Man page
GNcountryInfo Man page
GNcountrySubdivision Man page
GNearthquakes Man page
GNfindNearby Man page
GNfindNearbyPlaceName Man page
GNfindNearbyPostalCodes Man page
GNfindNearbyStreets Man page
GNfindNearByWeather Man page
GNfindNearbyWikipedia Man page
GNfindNearestAddress Man page
GNfindNearestIntersection Man page
GNgtopo30 Man page
GNhierarchy Man page
GNneighbourhood Man page
GNneighbours Man page
GNpostalCodeCountryInfo Man page
GNpostalCodeLookup Man page
GNpostalCodeSearch Man page
GNsearch Man page
GNsiblings Man page
GNsrtm3 Man page
GNtimezone Man page
GNweather Man page
GNweatherIcao Man page
GNwikipediaBoundingBox Man page
GNwikipediaSearch Man page
hierarchy Man page

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