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Spherical Trigonometry

alongTrackDistanceAlong Track Distance
areaArea of a longitude/latitude polygon
bearingDirection of travel
bearingRhumbRhumbline direction
centroidCentroid of spherical polygons
dataWorld countries
destPointDestination given bearing (direction) and distance
destPointRhumbDestination along a rhumb line
dist2gcCross Track Distance
dist2lineDistance between points and lines or the border of polygons.
distCosine'Law of cosines' great circle distance
distGeoDistance on an ellipsoid (the geodesic)
distHaversine'Haversine' great circle distance
distmDistance matrix
distMeeus'Meeus' great circle distance
distRhumbDistance along a rhumb line
distVincentyEllipsoid'Vincenty' (ellipsoid) great circle distance
distVincentySphere'Vincenty' (sphere) great circle distance
finalDirectionFinal direction
gcIntersectIntersections of two great circles
gcIntersectBearingIntersections of two great circles
gcLatLatitude on a Great Circle
gcLonLongitude on a Great Circle
gcMaxLatHighest latitude on a great circle
geodesicgeodesic and inverse geodesic problem
geomeanMean location of sperhical coordinates
greatCircleGreat circle
greatCircleBearingGreat circle
horizonDistance to the horizon
intermediateIntermediate points on a great circle (sphere)
lengthLineLength of lines
makepolyAdd vertices to a polygon or line
mercatorMercator projection
onGreatCircleIs a point on a given great circle?
perimeterCompute the perimeter of a longitude/latitude polygon
randomCoordinatesRandom or regularly distributed coordinates on the globe
refEllipsoidsReference ellipsoids
spanSpan of polygons
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