Man pages for glmnet
Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Generalized Linear Models

assess.glmnetassess performance of a 'glmnet' object using test data.
beta_CVXSimulated data for the glmnet vignette
bigGlmfit a glm with all the options in 'glmnet'
BinomialExampleSynthetic dataset with binary response
Cindexcompute C index for a Cox model
CoxExampleSynthetic dataset with right-censored survival response
cox.fitFit a Cox regression model with elastic net regularization...
coxgradCompute gradient for Cox model
coxnet.devianceCompute deviance for Cox model
cox_obj_functionElastic net objective function value for Cox regression model
cox.pathFit a Cox regression model with elastic net regularization...
cv.glmnetCross-validation for glmnet
dev_functionElastic net deviance value
deviance.glmnetExtract the deviance from a glmnet object
elnet.fitSolve weighted least squares (WLS) problem for a single...
fidHelper function for Cox deviance and gradient
get_cox_lambda_maxGet lambda max for Cox regression model
get_etaHelper function to get etas (linear predictions)
get_startGet null deviance, starting mu and lambda max
glmnetfit a GLM with lasso or elasticnet regularization
glmnet.controlinternal glmnet parameters
glmnet.fitFit a GLM with elastic net regularization for a single value...
glmnet-internalInternal glmnet functions
glmnet.measuresDisplay the names of the measures used in CV for different...
glmnet-packageElastic net model paths for some generalized linear models
glmnet.pathFit a GLM with elastic net regularization for a path of...
makeXconvert a data frame to a data matrix with one-hot encoding
MultiGaussianExampleSynthetic dataset with multiple Gaussian responses
MultinomialExampleSynthetic dataset with multinomial response
mycoxphHelper function to fit coxph model for survfit.coxnet
mycoxpredHelper function to amend ... for new data in survfit.coxnet
na.replaceReplace the missing entries in a matrix columnwise with the...
obj_functionElastic net objective function value
pen_functionElastic net penalty value the cross-validation curve produced by cv.glmnet
plot.glmnetplot coefficients from a "glmnet" object
PoissonExampleSynthetic dataset with count response predictions from a "cv.glmnet" object.
predict.glmnetExtract coefficients from a glmnet object
predict.glmnetfitGet predictions from a 'glmnetfit' fit object a cross-validated glmnet object
print.glmnetprint a glmnet object
QuickStartExampleSynthetic dataset with Gaussian response
response.coxnetMake response for coxnet
rmultGenerate multinomial samples from a probability matrix
SparseExampleSynthetic dataset with sparse design matrix
stratifySurvAdd strata to a Surv object
survfit.coxnetCompute a survival curve from a coxnet object a survival curve from a cv.glmnet object
use.cox.pathCheck if glmnet should call cox.path
weighted_mean_sdHelper function to compute weighted mean and standard...
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