Man pages for gnm
Generalized Nonlinear Models

anova.gnmAnalysis of Deviance for Generalized Nonlinear Models
asGnmCoerce Linear Model to gnm Object
backPainData on Back Pain Prognosis, from Anderson (1984)
barleyJenkyn's Data on Leaf-blotch on Barley
barleyHeightsHeights of Barley Plants
cautresData on Class, Religion and Vote in France
checkEstimableCheck Whether One or More Parameter Combinations in a gnm...
confint.gnmCompute Confidence Intervals of Parameters in a Generalized...
ConstSpecify a Constant in a "nonlin" Function Predictor
DiagEquality of Two or More Factors
DrefSpecify a Diagonal Reference Term in a gnm Model Formula
eriksonIntergenerational Class Mobility in England/Wales, France and...
exitInfoPrint Exit Information for gnm Fit
ExpSpecify the Exponential of a Predictor in a gnm Model Formula
expandCategoricalExpand Data Frame by Re-expressing Categorical Data as Counts
friendOccupation of Respondents and Their Closest Friend
getContrastsEstimated Contrasts and Standard Errors for Parameters in a...
gnmFitting Generalized Nonlinear Models
gnm-defunctDefunct Functions in gnm Package
gnm-packageGeneralized Nonlinear Models
House2001Data on twenty roll calls in the US House of Representatives,...
instancesSpecify Multiple Instances of a Nonlinear Term in a gnm Model...
InvSpecify the Reciprocal of a Predictor in a gnm Model Formula
meanResidualsAverage Residuals within Factor Levels
mentalHealthData on Mental Health and Socioeconomic Status
model.matrix.gnmLocal Design Matrix for a Generalized Nonlinear Model
MPinvMoore-Penrose Pseudoinverse of a Real-valued Matrix
MultSpecify a Product of Predictors in a gnm Model Formula
MultHomogSpecify a Multiplicative Interaction with Homogeneous Effects...
nonlin.functionFunctions to Specify Nonlinear Terms in gnm Models
ofInterestCoefficients of Interest in a Generalized Nonlinear Model
parametersExtract Constrained and Estimated Parameters from a gnm...
pickCoefGet Indices or Values of Selected Model Coefficients
plot.gnmPlot Diagnostics for a gnm Object
predict.gnmPredict Method for Generalized Nonlinear Models
profile.gnmProfile Deviance for Parameters in a Generalized Nonlinear...
residSVDMultiplicative Approximation of Model Residuals
seExtract Standard Errors
se.gnmStandard Errors of Linear Parameter Combinations in gnm...
summary.gnmSummarize Generalized Nonlinear Model Fits
SymmSymmetric Interaction of Factors
termPredictorsExtract Term Contributions to Predictor
TopoTopological Interaction of Factors
vcov.gnmVariance-covariance Matrix for Parameters in a Generalized...
votingData on Social Mobility and the Labour Vote
wedderburnWedderburn Quasi-likelihood Family
wheatWheat Yields from Mexican Field Trials
yaishClass Mobility by Level of Education in Israel
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