wechsler: Wechsler intelligence test data

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Dataset based on McArdle and Prescott (1992, p.90). This study evaluates intelligence and cognitive ability in a sample of individuals over 18 years of age (N = 1680) using the IQ test Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised (WAIS-R) (Wechsler, 1981).




A data frame with 1680 rows and 10 variables.


age integer Participants' age (recoded)
edc factor Whether a participant graduated high school or not (1 = not graduated, 2 = graduated)
y1 integer information; general knowledge of participants
y2 integer comprehension; ability of abstract reasoning or judgment
y3 integer similarities; unifying a theme
y4 integer vocabulary; verbal definition
y5 integer picture completion; perceiving visual images with missing features
y6 integer block design; arranging blocks to match a design
y7 integer picture arrangement; ordering cards with true story lines
y8 integer object assembly; reassembling puzzles


McArdle, J. J., & Prescott, C. A. (1992). Age-based construct validation using structural equation modeling. Experimental Aging Research, 18, 87-115.

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