gplots: Various R Programming Tools for Plotting Data

Various R programming tools for plotting data, including: - calculating and plotting locally smoothed summary function as ('bandplot', 'wapply'), - enhanced versions of standard plots ('barplot2', 'boxplot2', 'heatmap.2', 'smartlegend'), - manipulating colors ('col2hex', 'colorpanel', 'redgreen', 'greenred', 'bluered', 'redblue', 'rich.colors'), - calculating and plotting two-dimensional data summaries ('ci2d', 'hist2d'), - enhanced regression diagnostic plots ('lmplot2', 'residplot'), - formula-enabled interface to 'stats::lowess' function ('lowess'), - displaying textual data in plots ('textplot', 'sinkplot'), - plotting a matrix where each cell contains a dot whose size reflects the relative magnitude of the elements ('balloonplot'), - plotting "Venn" diagrams ('venn'), - displaying Open-Office style plots ('ooplot'), - plotting multiple data on same region, with separate axes ('overplot'), - plotting means and confidence intervals ('plotCI', 'plotmeans'), - spacing points in an x-y plot so they don't overlap ('space').

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AuthorGregory R. Warnes, Ben Bolker, Lodewijk Bonebakker, Robert Gentleman, Wolfgang Huber Andy Liaw, Thomas Lumley, Martin Maechler, Arni Magnusson, Steffen Moeller, Marc Schwartz, Bill Venables
Date of publication2016-03-30 21:04:18
MaintainerGregory R. Warnes <>

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angleAxis Man page
balloonplot Man page
balloonplot.default Man page
balloonplot.table Man page
bandplot Man page
bandplot.default Man page
bandplot.formula Man page
barplot2 Man page
barplot2.default Man page
bluered Man page
boxplot2 Man page
boxplot.n Man page
ci2d Man page
col2hex Man page
colorpanel Man page
deprecated Man page
greenred Man page
heatmap.2 Man page
hist2d Man page
iapply Man page
lmplot2 Man page
lowess Man page
lowess.default Man page
lowess.formula Man page
ooplot Man page
ooplot.default Man page
overplot Man page
panel.overplot Man page
plotCI Man page
plot.lm2 Man page
plot.lowess Man page
plotLowess Man page
plotmeans Man page
plot.venn Man page
print.ci2d Man page
print.hist2d Man page
qqnorm.aov Man page
redblue Man page
redgreen Man page
residplot Man page
rich.colors Man page
rtPCR Man page
sinkplot Man page
smartlegend Man page
space Man page
textplot Man page
textplot.character Man page Man page
textplot.default Man page
textplot.matrix Man page
venn Man page
wapply Man page

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