Man pages for gplots
Various R Programming Tools for Plotting Data

angleAxisAdd a Axis to a Plot with Rotated Labels
balloonplotPlot a graphical matrix where each cell contains a dot whose...
bandplotPlot x-y Points with Locally Smoothed Mean and Standard...
barplot2Enhanced Bar Plots
boxplot2Produce a Boxplot Annotated with the Number of Observations
ci2dCreate 2-dimensional empirical confidence regions
col2hexConvert color names to hex RGB strings
colorpanelGenerate a smoothly varying set of colors
gplots-defunctDefunct functions
gplots-deprecatedDeprecated functions
heatmap.2Enhanced Heat Map
hist2dCompute and Plot a 2-Dimensional Histogram
lmplot2Plots to assess the goodness of fit for the linear model...
lowessScatter Plot Smoothing
ooplotCreate an OpenOffice style plot
overplotPlot multiple variables on the same region, with appropriate...
plotCIPlot Error Bars and Confidence Intervals
plotmeansPlot Group Means and Confidence Intervals
qqnorm.aovMakes a half or full normal plot for the effects from an aov...
reorderReorder the Levels of a Factor
residplotUndocumented functions
rich.colorsRich Color Palettes
rtPCRTeratogenesis rtPCR data
sinkplotSend textual R output to a graphics device
spaceSpace points in an x-y plot so they don't overlap.
textplotDisplay text information in a graphics plot.
vennPlot a Venn diagram
wapplyCompute the Value of a Function Over a Local Region Of An X-Y...
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