gridSVG: Export 'grid' Graphics as SVG

Functions to export graphics drawn with package grid to SVG format. Additional functions provide access to SVG features that are not available in standard R graphics, such as hyperlinks, animation, filters, masks, clipping paths, and gradient and pattern fills.

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AuthorPaul Murrell [cre, aut], Simon Potter [aut]
Date of publication2015-11-16 08:20:10
MaintainerPaul Murrell <>

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Man pages

animate: Convert animation specifications to SVG elements.

animUnit: Generate a set of animation values.

convert: Functions for using an imported coordinate system

coords: Importing an external coordinate system

fe: Creating a generic filter effect

feBlend: Blend two objects together.

feColorMatrix: Apply a matrix transformation on colour values.

feComponentTransfer: Perform Colour Component-wise Remapping.

feComposite: Combine images using Porter-Duff operations.

feConvolveMatrix: Apply a matrix convolution filter effect.

feDiffuseLighting: Light an image using the alpha channel as a bump map.

feDisplacementMap: Displace pixel values from a filter input.

feDistantLight: Create a Distant Light Source

feFlood: Create and fill a rectangular region.

feGaussianBlur: Apply a Gaussian blur to an image.

feImage: Draw a referred image.

feMerge: Composite image layers together.

feMorphology: "Fatten" or "thin" artwork.

feOffset: Offset an input image relative to its current position.

fePointLight: Create a Point Light Source

feSpecularLighting: Light an image using the alpha channel as a bump map.

feSpotLight: Create a Spot Light Source

feTile: Fill a rectangle with a tiled pattern of an input image.

feTurbulence: Create an image using the Perlin turbulence function.

filterEffect: Creating Filter Effects

filterInputs: Identifies input for a filter effect primitive.

garnish: Convert animation specifications to SVG elements.

getSVGFonts: Manage SVG fonts

getSVGMappings: Retrieving Viewport, Grob, and Reference Names as SVG IDs,...

gradients: Create Linear and Radial Gradients

grid.animate: Animate a grid grob

grid.clipPath: Apply a clipping path to a grid grob.

grid.comment: Create a grid grob representing a comment

grid.element: Create a grid grob representing an SVG element

grid.export: Generate SVG output from a grid graphic

grid.filter: Associate a filter effect with a grid grob.

grid.garnish: Associate arbitrary SVG attributes with a grid grob

grid.gradientFill: Associate a gradient fill with a grid grob

grid.hyperlink: Associate a hyperlink with a grid grob

grid.mask: Apply an opacity mask to a grid grob.

grid.patternFill: Associate a pattern fill with a grid grob

grid.script: Create a grid grob containing an SVG script

gridsvg: gridSVG Graphics Device

gridSVG-internal: Internal gridSVG Functions

gridSVGMappings: Mapping Viewport, Grob and Reference Names to SVG IDs

gridSVG.newpage: Move to a New Page on a gridSVG Device

grobToDev: Convert a grob to device calls

listSVGDefinitions: List All Reference Definitions

popContext: Leaving A Modified Viewport Context

primToDev: Convert a grob to device calls

pushClipPath: Apply a clipping context to the current viewport.

pushMask: Apply a masking context to the current viewport.

readCoordsJS: Importing JavaScript coordinate information.

readMappingsJS: Importing JavaScript mapping information.

registerClipPath: Create the definition of a non-rectangular clipping path.

registerFilter: Create the definition a filter effect.

registerGradientFill: Create a definition of a gradient fill.

registerMask: Create the definition of an opacity mask.

registerPatternFill: Create a definition of a fill pattern.

setSVGoptions: Get and Set Global Options

viewportCreate: Recreate a viewport from imported coordinate information.


addComponentFunction Man page
addFilterEffect Man page
addMergeNode Man page
animate Man page
animateGrob Man page
animUnit Man page
animValue Man page
as.animUnit Man page
as.animValue Man page
clipPath Man page
clipPathGrob Man page
commentGrob Man page Man page
elementGrob Man page
fe Man page
feBlend Man page
feColorMatrix Man page
feComponentTransfer Man page
feComposite Man page
feConvolveMatrix Man page
feDiffuseLighting Man page
feDisplacementMap Man page
feDistantLight Man page
feFlood Man page
feGaussianBlur Man page
feImage Man page
feMerge Man page
feMergeNode Man page
feMorphology Man page
feOffset Man page
fePointLight Man page
feSpecularLighting Man page
feSpotLight Man page
feTile Man page
feTurbulence Man page
filterEffect Man page
filterGrob Man page
filterInputs Man page
garnish Man page
garnishGrob Man page
getSVGFonts Man page
getSVGMappings Man page
getSVGoption Man page
getSVGoptions Man page
gradientFillGrob Man page
grid.animate Man page
grid.clipPath Man page
grid.comment Man page
grid.element Man page
grid.export Man page
grid.filter Man page
grid.garnish Man page
grid.gradientFill Man page
grid.hyperlink Man page
grid.mask Man page
grid.patternFill Man page
grid.script Man page
gridsvg Man page
gridSVGCoords Man page
gridSVGMappings Man page
gridSVG.newpage Man page
grid.textNode Man page
gridToSVG Man page
grobToDev Man page
hyperlinkGrob Man page
linearGradient Man page
listSVGDefinitions Man page
mask Man page
maskGrob Man page
pattern Man page
patternFillGrob Man page
popClipPath Man page
popContext Man page
popMask Man page
primToDev Man page
pushClipPath Man page
pushMask Man page
radialGradient Man page
readCoordsJS Man page
readMappingsJS Man page
registerClipPath Man page
registerFilter Man page
registerGradientFill Man page
registerMask Man page
registerPatternFill Man page
registerPatternFillRef Man page
scriptGrob Man page
setSVGFonts Man page
setSVGoptions Man page
svgAnimate Man page
svgCircle Man page
svgClose Man page
svgEndElement Man page
svgEndGroup Man page
svgEndLink Man page
svgLines Man page
svgOpen Man page
svgPath Man page
svgPolygon Man page
svgRaster Man page
svgRect Man page
svgScript Man page
svgStartElement Man page
svgStartGroup Man page
svgStartLink Man page
svgStyle Man page
svgText Man page
textNodeGrob Man page
transferFunction Man page
viewportConvertDim Man page
viewportConvertHeight Man page
viewportConvertPos Man page
viewportConvertWidth Man page
viewportConvertX Man page
viewportConvertY Man page
viewportCreate Man page


tests/testcomment.R tests/testplotmath.R tests/testelement.R tests/testprefix.R tests/testgradientfill.R tests/testmask.R tests/testpendulum.R tests/testvp.R tests/testplot.R tests/testgrid.R tests/testball.R tests/testpath.R tests/testanimate.R tests/testid.R tests/testpolyline.R tests/testclasses.R tests/testforce.R tests/testsvg.R tests/testrotate.R tests/testattrib.R
tests/testtransparency.R tests/testlink.R tests/testpatternfill.R tests/testclippath.R tests/testfilter.R
R/convert.R R/aaa.R R/filters.R R/gridsvg.R R/griddev.R R/attrib.R R/devsvg.R R/sanitisers.R R/svg.R R/script.R R/dev.R R/progress.R R/mapping.R R/options.R R/coords.R R/animate.R R/element.R R/gtable.R R/clipmask.R R/hyper.R R/patterns.R R/comment.R R/gradients.R R/MathML.R R/b64.R R/refs.R R/zzz.R
man/grid.export.Rd man/feConvolveMatrix.Rd man/pushMask.Rd man/grid.hyperlink.Rd man/grid.script.Rd man/viewportCreate.Rd man/feDiffuseLighting.Rd man/filterEffect.Rd man/gridSVGMappings.Rd man/gridSVG-internal.Rd man/grid.comment.Rd man/feComposite.Rd man/grid.element.Rd man/feColorMatrix.Rd man/feSpecularLighting.Rd man/grid.clipPath.Rd man/registerGradientFill.Rd man/readCoordsJS.Rd man/listSVGDefinitions.Rd man/animate.Rd man/fePointLight.Rd man/fe.Rd man/feMorphology.Rd man/feTile.Rd man/feGaussianBlur.Rd man/convert.Rd man/registerClipPath.Rd man/grid.mask.Rd man/coords.Rd man/registerPatternFill.Rd man/feDistantLight.Rd man/feImage.Rd man/registerFilter.Rd man/pushClipPath.Rd man/gridsvg.Rd man/feMerge.Rd man/grid.filter.Rd man/feFlood.Rd man/feTurbulence.Rd man/feOffset.Rd man/getSVGMappings.Rd man/readMappingsJS.Rd man/grobToDev.Rd man/grid.garnish.Rd man/animUnit.Rd man/primToDev.Rd man/setSVGoptions.Rd man/feDisplacementMap.Rd man/getSVGFonts.Rd man/feSpotLight.Rd man/gradients.Rd man/popContext.Rd man/grid.animate.Rd man/registerMask.Rd man/gridSVG.newpage.Rd man/feBlend.Rd man/grid.gradientFill.Rd man/feComponentTransfer.Rd man/garnish.Rd man/filterInputs.Rd man/grid.patternFill.Rd

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