maizevarianceA: Genotypic variance required for "gwerAM()"

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This value is the genotypic variance of the trait days to pollen (Yu et al. 2006) of a diverse set of 277 maize inbred lines as inferred from QK mixed model analysis without marker data. This information is required for gwerAM.




This data set comprises only one value.


Yu, J., Pressoir, G., Briggs, W.H., Bi, I.V., Yamasaki, M., Doebley, J.F., McMullen, M.D., Gaut, B.S., Holland, J.B., Kresovich, S., and Buckler, E.S. 2006. A unified mixed-model method for association mapping accounting for multiple levels of relatedness. Nature Genetics 38: 203-208.

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